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Cummings Nature Center Ski-O on Feb 19th

Map Notes

Cumming Nature Center event will have a new map that includes the trail network that is used for skiing.  Since it is a ski-O map it does not include any green vegetation symbol that indicates runnability.  There will be "indistinct vegetation boundary" symbols (black dotted line) that shows the approximate outline of areas of pine trees.

Trails that are the marked (slashes on trees) are shown with a wide green dashed line.  There are a few trails that are not marked but that may be tracked that are shown as a thin green dashed line.  Black trails are not slashed and probably not tracked, they are mostly logging roads.  The Wilderness trail which is marked with red/white slash is mapped in black, is shown only in part and does not have any controls located on it.

Water features are numerous but only the most significant are shown.  The streams are mapped based upon what is visible from the trails so they may extend farther than indicated (sorry for this but I had limited field checking time).

All the bridges are mapped but only some boardwalks (some were not really visible because of the snow cover).

Ski-O Course Notes (ski, foot or snowshoe)

There are no restrictions on where you can go, however, you should not try to cross areas indicated as marshy.  Crossing any of the Ponds is NOT allowed.

The staff at CNC has allowed us to use all of the trails without restriction, please be courteous to other trail users who are not competing.  Those on foot and snowshoes can go on the ski trails but MUST stay to the side of the groomed area.

There is a Score-O event (90 minutes to find as many controls as possible) and a White course (find controls in a designated order in as short a time possible).  White course is 2.3k (straight line distance), the Score-O course is about 7k by the shortest route.

Courses close at 3:30pm.

As of Thursday, the snow conditions are excellent!

Posted 2-16-17

On Sunday, February 19th the Rochester Orienteering Club and the Cumming Nature Center will co-sponsor a “try orienteering “ event at the Cumming Nature Center near Naples, New York. Participants will receive a map with circles representing control points drawn on the the map. They will have 60 minutes to find as many control points as they can. Participants may find the controls on foot, skis or snowshoes depending on the weather conditions. No special equipment is required and compasses will be available at registration for anyone who wants to borrow one. Instruction from Rochester Orienteering Club members will be available throughout the event. Registration and starts will be from noon to 2:00PM. The course will close at 3:00PM. The Nordic Ski Patrol will be collecting donations for refreshments as part of a fundraiser for the organization. 

A fee of $5 will be charged to cover participant’s insurance and a donation for Cumming Nature Center. Participants can register in advance on the Rochester Orienteering Club web site or in person on the day of the event.

Ski equipment and snowshoe rental is available at the Visitor Center:

  • Ski package (skis, poles and shoes): $15
  • Snowshoes: $5

Cumming Nature Center

6472 Gulick Rd, Naples, NY 14512

Posted 2-14-17

Webster Park Ski-O on Saturday Feb. 11th

Starts are from 10 am until noon.  It will be a foot-o unless we get more snow.  UPDATE! We DID get snow! So it will be a Ski-O!

We will be starting at Holt Lodge. 
Ski-O courses
Course Controls Est. Length
White      7         2.1 km
Orange  10        3.2 km
Green    12        5.2 km
Red        13        6.3 km
Doug Hall, course setter

Posted 2-3-17

Mendon Ponds course notes (Sunday, Jan. 15)

Starts are from 11:30 to 2:00 pm in Hopkins Point Lodge. Courses close at 3:30 pm. This will be in conjunction with Winterfest. It will be free for the beginner course and instruction will be provided. Regular meet fees apply on the other courses. You can register online.

The snow is long gone and the event will be a foot-o. The courses will be beginner, intermediate, long intermediate, and long advanced. Length and number of controls are as follows.

  • Beginner 10 controls, 1.9 km,
  • Intermediate 9 controls, 3.6 km
  • Long intermediate 12 controls, 5.5 km
  • Long Advanced 16 controls 7.4 km

When I scouted the courses the ground and water were frozen, footing was good and the ice could bear a person’s weight. We then had a warm spell with rain that ended a few nights ago. It is forecast to be below freezing the next few days so the ground and water surfaces should be frozen again. I have no idea if any of the ice will now support a person’s weight. This is more a concern on the longer courses but everyone should plan their routes accordingly.

A couple of the courses have legs that skirt private property, some of which is posted others parts are not. Please be respectful and again plan your routes accordingly as the private property is out of bounds.

Finally there are a couple of opportunities on the two longer courses to miss-punch. If you pay attention to the control feature you will not have a problem.

Have Fun.

Gary Maslanka, course-setter


We have three Ski-O events planned for this winter.  

Sunday, January 15th at Mendon Ponds as park of Winterfest
Saturday, February 11th at Webster Park

Sunday, February 19th at Cumming Nature Center (New Map!) in Naples, NY

Published 12-20

2016 Annual Meeting - Members Only Event

When: Sunday, December 4, 2016

Where: Carmen Clark Lodge, Brighton Town Park, 777 Westfall Rd, Rochester, NY


Noon – 1:00PM: Board Meeting

1:00PM – 2:30PM: Potluck and Annual Meeting

2:30PM – 3:30PM: Club History Event

3:30PM: Control Pickup

Event Summary

The event will be similar to a map adventure in that participants will answer a question for points at each control in a scatter-O. The answer to each question may be found on the club history board created by Laurie Hunt for the past club history display at the North American Orienteering Championships. Pictures of the display will be available on our facebook page and website for study ahead of the event.  Pictures of the history board are in the photo album below.

Published 11-14

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