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Highland Park Score-O - Wed July 26th

For those of you unfamiliar with a Score-O, everyone gets a map with all controls printed on it and you chose as many or as few to visit. The catch? You have only one hour to return to home base before all your hard earned control points begin to be taken away from you - 1 control lost per each minute of overtime. 

If you are a beginner, the meet director or control setters can suggest some easier controls to go for. 

5:30-6:15 Registration/check in
6:00-6:30 Start your 1 hour event
7:30 Course close

LOCATION (orange and white signs will direct you to the start of the event)
Frederick Douglass Rec-Center (adjacent to Highland Park) 999 South Avenue

RIT Sprint Event - Wed July 12th

What's a Sprint? Fear not if you are new to orienteering! A Sprint is an
orienteering course with relatively shorter distances between flags than you
would find on a traditional course and it is often done in a more urban
setting like a college campus. For competitive folks a Sprint means getting
around a course as fast as possible. If you're new to orienteering or not a
runner you can do a Sprint course at your usual pace. In fact, you may find
a Sprint course to be a great training tool for you, so don't let the name
scare you away. There will also be the option of a regular beginner's

Register online or come in plenty of time to register as everyone starts at
6:15. Our orange and white signs will direct you to the start of the event.

5:30-6: Registration
6:15 Mass Start
7:45 Courses Close

The RIT sprint festival will give you the option to run multiple sprints
(legs) in any order with brief rest times between legs.  If you prefer to
run a single traditional sprint course, you can choose to run any sprint leg
by itself. The sprints will feature quick thinking with multiple routes to
choose from navigating around buildings with stair, ramps, short overpasses
walls, gardens, some open spaces, and even a tiger.

Sprint Legs
A 2.6 km, 12 controls, distances are length of best path and not how the
bird flies
B 1.6 km, 9 controls
C 2.5 km, 13 controls

Long (Red): Legs A, B, C any order
Medium (Green/Orange): Legs A & C any order
Short (Brown): Legs B & C any order
Beginner (White/Yellow): Beginner (1.7 km, 10 controls)

RIT - Parking in C Lot and general/reserved spots and meeting on the south
and west side of Gracie's
Register now!

Posted 7-4-17

Dryer Rd Park - Saturday June 17th

Mountain Bike-O and Foot-O courses will be offered.  

MTB-O starts: 10am to Noon

Foot-O Starts: 10am to 1pm

Courses close at 3pm.

MTB-O Courses:

Easy - 2.0 km

Intermediate - 3.3 km

Expert - 4.7 km

(All distances are as the crow flies, you will actually bike much further)

Reminders for MTB-O:  You must stay on trails, you cannot cut trails or go the wrong way on trails.  You must wear a helmet.  You have to bring your own bike.

Foot-O Courses:

White - 1.8 km

Yellow/Orange - 2.9 km

Short Advanced - 3.6 km

Long Advanced - 6.5 km

Both advanced courses will use maps without any trails marked, so while there are lots of trails out there, none of them will be shown on the map.  

If you wish to do both a MTBO and Foot-O course please register for one and it will be an additional $2 for the second course. 

Posted 6-11-17

Mendon Ponds - June 3rd

The next ROC meet is Saturday, June 3rd at Mendon Ponds Park.  Start at Hopkins Point, Pond View Shelter from 10am-12 noon.  The format is point-to-point with an emphasis on short, fast legs with some longer legs.  Maps will be printed at 1:7,500.  Four courses will be available:

White (beginner) 2.2km

Yellow/Orange (intermediate) 3.5km

Brown (short advanced) 4.5km

Red (long advanced) 6.0km

Instruction will be available for beginners.  Rain or shine, we hope to see you there!

Posted 5-28-17

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