Genesee Country Village2016-09-11
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White Yellow Orange Brown Green Red
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61 Starts What started off as a cool morning for the volunteers who set out the flags, turned into a superb day for Orienteering. The temperature was in the 70’s a break from the heat was welcome. The sun was shining and the sky was lightly clouded. A perfect day to be out in the woods. The Genesse Country Village Nature Center is a great place to walk on numerous trials. It is a small area that has lots of open woods that could be wet most times, with the dry summer we have had mud was not a problem!!! We had some newbies come out for the first time, some college students, families and lots of regulars. There were 61 starts with several heading out to try a 2nd course. The Course Designer put together some great courses which everyone enjoyed and gave lots of compliments on. We had a full complement of courses: White, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Green and Red. The Volunteers make it all happen: If I missed anyone let me know. Course designer: Linda Kohn and Dick Detwiler Flag Setters: Laurie Hunt, Tyler Borden, Richard Burgey Meet Directors: Nancy Burgey and Christine DuRoss Greater: Laurie Hunt Registration: Lindsay Worner and Zak Borden Instruction: Jim Borden Start : Nancy Burgey Finish: Tyler Borden, Stina Bridgeman Food: Patty Borden Flag Pick Up: Rob Stevens, Ed Deller, Don Winslow, and Gary Maslanka String-O: Christine DuRoss and Jackie Alexander Meet Directors: Nancy Burgey and Christine DuRoss
White1.0k 10m
1Anna TurinskyW10ROC13:36
2Simon ButlerM12ROC13:37
3Jackie AlexanderW10ROC14:02
4Alexandra Dobretsova ROC19:45
5Alexander K, Aaron M, Connar S 21:10
6Sarah TurinskyW10ROC23:44
7Lorin MillerW21 25:14
Rowan NordquistM10ROCDNF
Yellow2.300k 25m
1Barb Russell & Abby Schroo ROC35:46
2Jackie AlexanderW10 57:38
3J. Newcomb LoshW60ROC82:33
4Patty Borden ROC83:15
5Louise Cook ROC83:59
6Sue MearsW70 84:02
7Angela & Lucien Lana 127:37
Don SchonskM50 DNF
Orange2.700k 45m
1Zachary Borden ROC48:10
2Alexander K, Aaron M, Connor S 69:48
3Lorin Miller 93:02
4April MillerW50ROC93:15
5Meghan & Burt August ROC95:07
6John ReighnM65ROC115:34
Jeffrey Nunes ROCDNF
Brown3.0k 40m
1Lindsay WornerW21ROC42:31
2Zack & Simon Butler ROC58:30
3Jim RussellM65ROC61:08
4Dmitriy Bondar 67:47
5Tom McNellyM70ROC79:21
6Jim Borden ROC80:00
7Shawn ForneyM55CNYO100:36
Green4.0k 75m
1Vince CassanoM50ROC55:27
2Michael AlexanderM45ROC70:01
3Probabilistic Roadmap 81:24
4Hanni HaynesW21ROC82:41
5Anne Schwartz ROC83:44
6Richard Burgey ROC87:19
7Kathy Bannister ROC90:23
8Michael Meynadasy, Rebecca P ROC94:48
9Heidi Hall ROC98:25
10Jennifer ManleyW50ROC117:17
Edward Deller ROCDNF
Laurie Hunt ROCDNF
Tyler Borden ROC60:41 N/C
1Sergey Dobretsov ROC49:04
2Rob Stevens ROC52:29
3Timothy DobretsovM16ROC52:34
4Jean-Marie MengelleM40 53:55
5Lina SpokauskaiteW21HVO54:33
6John CouranM21 57:00
7Stina Bridgeman ROC57:42
8Doug Hall ROC65:15
9Russell NordquistM35ROC67:04
10Evghenii Vorsin ROC67:09
11Joseph Shayka 68:59
12Don WinslowM45ROC81:51
13Jackie Novkova BFLO85:42
14Gary MaslankaM60ROC87:44
15Lawrence CreaturaM50ROC87:45
16Chad Borden ROC94:02
17Kelly Urckfitz ROC127:27
18Mark Salas ROC128:13