Mendon Ponds Park2016-10-23
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73 Starts We had a great turnout for the Mendon meet at Hopkins Point. It was great to see Karl and Mary Kolva and their daughter Judy. Also, we hope to continue seeing Eric Barbehenn now that he's moved back to the area after living a long time overseas. Jim Tappon was there with his granddaughter, and Randy McGarvey sped through the brown course, coming in first. Many thanks to all the volunteers who make the meet directing job go smoothly. Greg Michels set the courses with Linda Kohn's help. Linda Kohn and Rick Worner held a clinic for successful orienteering at the orange level and above. Anna and Sarah Turinsky (and their mom) donated a large supply of delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies. Mike Alexander and his daughter Jackie set a string-o course for the youngest members to enjoy. Laurie Hunt was greeter and overall helper. Registration was manned by Nancy Burgey, Patty Borden, Bob Bundy and Heidi Hall. Thanks to Nancy and Patty for taking 'command' while the meet director ran the yellow course. Computer results were handled by Tyler Borden and Stina Brideman. Control pick-up was done by Zak and Jim Borden, Stina Bridgeman, and Doug Hall. Finally, thanks to all 73 groups and single competitors who came out to make this a success ! -Anne Schwartz
White1.4k 40m
1Daniel GoodwinM40+ 12:08
2John JaenikeRec 16:20
3Bert & Meagan AugustT2ROC17:30
4Team AlexanderT2ROC20:39
5Carina PhillipsT3ROC33:26
6Jim Tappon, Grace GrayeaTapponT2ROC36:24
Yellow2.1k 55m
1Chris TylockM-21+ROC30:45
2Quinn BannisterM-14ROC32:04
3Anna TurinskyT4ROC34:20
4Stephanie BuettnerT2ROC55:26
5M J R Zilist & A TarnaskinskyT4 57:52
6Nancy BurgeyF60+ROC67:10
7Jackie AlexanderF-12 71:21
8Patty BordenRecROC71:24
9Newcomb LoshF60+ROC81:15
Frances BargT3 DNF
Anne SchwartzF60+ROC28:06 N/C
Tom McNellyM70+ROC32:54 N/C
Orange2.6k 50m
1Chad BordenM-21+ROC25:47
2Zachary BordenM-21+ROC31:38
3Benjamin ChatfieldM-21+ROC34:33
4Carolyn OrrM40+ROC35:02
5Zack, Simon, Nathaniel ButlerT3ROC41:57
6Eric Barbehenn & Evan PhillipsT2ROC47:11
7Angela SchnuerchRecROC51:25
8Dick DetwilerT2ROC53:17
9Louise CookF60+ROC67:06
10Curtis N, Darker M, Keith LT3 75:18
11Teague, William, Alex RuderT3ROC76:36
12Hale PietropaoloT4 108:49
Tom KochM60+ROCDNF
Daniel GoodwinM40+ 51:27 N/C
Brown3.1k 45m
1Randall McGarveyM40+ 27:17
2Don WinslowM40+ROC32:58
3Mike & Matthew SharpeT2 35:48
4Jim BordenM50+ROC42:45
5Bob BundyM70+ROC43:31
6Kathy BannisterF60+ROC50:42
7Tom McNellyM70+ROC50:46
8Vlad BowdarT6 52:49
9Jefferson SvengsolikM40+ROC56:44
10Richard BurgeyM70+ROC56:46
11Kim & Eric PhillipsT2ROC59:42
12Laurie HuntF60+ROC69:16
13Rukhsana CoferRecROC111:28
Angela SchnuerchRecROC63:16 N/C
Green5.6k 150m
1Tim DobretsovM-16ROC57:41
2Pete DadyM60+CNYO61:54
3Rick WornerM60+ROC66:10
4Tyler BordenM-21+ROC67:24
5Jackie NovkovF50+BFLO80:46
6Todd SheehanM40+ 80:56
7Douglas KennedyM50+BFLO81:47
8Michael AlexanderM40+ROC82:10
9Heidi HallF40+ROC128:05
Jennifer ManleyF50+ROCDNF
John CouranM-21+NYARA44:31 N/C
Red6.8k 170m
1Rob StevensM40+ROC56:50
2John CouranM-21+NYARA57:58
3Jason UrckfitzM-21+ROC58:00
4Sergey DobretsovM40+ROC65:01
5Steven TylockM50+ROC69:44
6Lina SpokauskaiteF-21+HVO69:53
7Doug HallM40+ROC71:52
8Greg & James SchmidtT2ROC73:31
9Stina BridgemanF40+ROC79:41
10Wandering RocksM50+ROC86:39
11Lawrence CreaturaM50+ROC87:04
12Gary MaslankaM60+ROC93:58
13Joel ShoreM50+ROC94:45
14Evghenii VorsinM40+CNYO104:47
15Mark SalasM40+ROC111:22
16Kelly UrckfitzF50+ROC115:05