Brighton Town Park2016-12-04
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Well the weather was better than predicted and the food was as good as usual at our 2016 Annual Meeting! Everyone seemed to like the history theme with the event and the intrigue of Laurie’s member trivia mystery contest. Much thanks to food volunteers Dayle Levine, Linda Kohn, and Anne Schwertz, registration and e-punch by Tyler Borden, and control pickup by Rob Stevens, Bob Bundy, Heidi Hall and Doug Hall. And of course a huge thank you to our outgoing president Laurie Hunt for a well-run brilliantly-led year! I have a green plastic glass left behind in case it is dear to anyone but amazingly I think that was about all. Greg Meet Director


NameClassClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenaltyBonus
1Rob Stevens ROC17:0110010000
2Stina Bridgeman ROC18:1810010000
3Stephen Brooks ROC21:0710010000
4Michael Alexander ROC22:2010010000
5Doug Hall ROC22:2710010000
6Don Winslow ROC22:4110010000
7Heidi Hall ROC26:2310010000
8Zack Butler Family ROC28:2810010000
9Linda Burgey ROC31:1010010000
10Elizabeth Hane ROC54:1510010000
11Daniel Burgey ROC57:39959500
12Rukhsana Cofer ROC40:45909000
13Jim Pamper ROC22:02858500
14Lindsay Worner ROC22:20858500
15Jim Borden ROC24:54858500
16Patty Borden ROC24:58858500
17Bob Bundy ROC29:27858500
18Anne Schwartz ROC30:36858500
19Joel Shore ROC36:02858500
20Laurie Hunt ROC23:39808000
21Rick Worner ROC30:41808000
22Dayle Lavine ROC32:08555500
23Louise Cook ROC43:22555500
24Rick Lavine ROC50:44353500
25Steven Tylock ROC20:46252500
26Tyler Borden ROC19:300000
27Gary Maslanka ROC18:09-10-1000