Alasa Farms2017-10-15
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77 Starts What a perfect day to go out on courses exploring new territory! Brand new maps of Alasa Farms and the adjoining DEC lands were created by Doug Hall, Dick Detwiler, and Linda Kohn who fittingly were also the course setters. Some found the new terrain a challenge, but everyone came back with an appreciation for the beauty of the area. We had 77 individual/group starts. Thanks to all who helped: Registration- Rukhsana Cofer, Nancy Burgey, Laurie Hunt,Tom McNelly Greeter- Carl Palmer Timing- Lindsay Worner, Tyler Borden String-O Don Winslow Flag Pickup- Pete Dady, Anita Edgemon, Rob Stevens, Lindsay Worner, Richard Burgey Instruction- Tom Holahan (Boy Scout Troop leader) Map handout- Dick Detwiler, Doug Hall, Carl Palmer, Anne Schwartz Meet Director and Food- Anne Schwartz Lastly, a big thank-you to the non-profit organization who hosted us so graciously.... Cracker Box Palace is an animal rescue (not dogs/cats) sanctuary that loves to have people visit and enjoy their property that was once a Shaker community. You can check out their website for more info Cracker Box Palace Farm Animal Rescue and Sanctuary providing a fun and educational atmosphere dedicated to rescue, rehabilitation, carefully chosen adoptions and sanctuary for farm animals in need.
White2.0k 25m
1Jackie AlexanderF-12ROC34:24
2Shaun AlexanderM-12ROC35:18
3Blanchard/Olleany/Monroe teamT3 52:45
4Fred & Cheryl DetwilerT2ROC57:48
5Mosher/Zimmerman TeamT3 66:13
6Nancy, Daniel BurgeyT2ROC68:04
Putnam GroupT4 DNF
Mason & Adrienne SnopkowskiT2 DNF
Jen, Nate HackettT2 DNF
Adrienne LaMora TeamT3ROCDNF
Yellow3.0k 55m
1Anne Schwartz ROC55:16
2Lamora Team 55:29
3Marsha ReedF60+ROC56:19
4Rachel ZacharyF-21+ROC66:56
5Danny RosdaoM-16ROC67:35
6Edward SanchezM-14ROC68:10
7Hla OoM-14ROC69:21
8Don StrongM-16ROC70:12
9Nathan GuzowskiM-14ROC71:03
10Anthony JacksonM-16ROC71:41
11Alan & Mary SchlaeterT2 72:01
12Team LowensteinT3ROC75:40
13Holahen/Mattison/McNeil TeamT3 76:13
14Theresa LippaF-21+ROC94:08
15Pamelo MorlemsenT2 106:13
16Mattison & BlanchardT3 116:35
17Morgan & Jason MonroeT2 117:45
Orange3.800k 75m
1Lucas LyonsM-16ROC51:32
2Lindsay WornerF-21+ROC53:07
3Sharpe GroupT2 82:09
4Rachael TylockF-21+ROC103:28
5Richard BurgeyM70+ROC111:24
6Thomas StoryM60+ROC115:09
7Cindy GretzingerF50+CNYO122:36
8Bob BundyM70+ROC123:48
9David Nesnadny & Tim MillerT2 125:59
10Kathy BannisterF70+ROC130:09
11Ben RogemoserM-16ROC133:32
12Jacob KolmetzM-16ROC134:26
13Andre HillmanM-16ROC134:59
14Daniel ConwayM-16ROC136:37
15Laurie HuntF60+ROC200:45
Anita EdgemonM40+ROCDNF
Sean ForneyM50+CNYODNF
Louise CookF60+ROCDNF
Jonathan DaviesM-21+ROCDNF
Gabriele PuleoM-16ROCDNF
Blanchard/Olleany/Monroe TeamT3 DNF
Carl PalmerM50+ROCDNF
Rukhsana Coffer ROCDNF
Charlyne OlickF-20ROCDNF
Sabrina DeVosF-20ROCDNF
Natalie NazareukoF60+ DNF
Nick GretzingerM50+CNYODNF
Green6.0k 185m
1Alex NazareukoM60+ 107:12
2Tyler BordenM-21+ROC127:49
3Don WinslowM50+ROC168:30
4Michael LyonsM50+ROC172:06
5Heidi HallF40+ROC179:54
Nate WaldraffM-16ROCDNF
Tom McNellyM70+ROCDNF
Burt AugustM60+ DNF
Rob HolmesM40+ROCDNF
Peter WeberM40+BFLODNF
Joshua HenneberryM-16ROCDNF
Red7.700k 225m
1Greg SchmidtM-21+ROC78:19
2Rob StevensM40+ROC98:24
3Steve TylockM50+ROC108:52
4Pete DadyM60+CNYO131:33
5Evghenii Vorsin CNYO133:48
6Zachary LyonsM-21+ROC144:32
7Jason UrckfitzM-21+ROC150:52
8Chad BordenM-21+ROC155:49
Mark SalasM50+ROCDNF
Steve & Ben MusticoT2 DNF
Mustico FamilyT3 DNF
Patrick CliffordM-21+ DNF