Mendon Ponds Park Winterfest2017-01-15
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44 Starts Winterfest, January 17, 2017, Hopkins Point Lodge In planning the Winterfest ski-o there was good news and bad news. The bad news; no snow was mentioned in any of the forecasts. The good news: no agonizing as to whether to plan for foot or ski. Gary Maslanka took advantage of the reduced winter vegetation to take us to places in the park where few had gone before. The weather was cold enough to freeze the wet spots, but otherwise not too bad. One control in the woods went missing. Eventually the stake and epunch box were found in separate places. It’s hard to imagine why someone walking in the woods in winter, presumably a kindred spirit, would do this. The turnout was a small fraction of the ROC membership, but it was a very interesting and diverse group of eager orienteers. Carl Fey was in town visiting from his present home in Finland. Carl was a member of ROC until he moved away, and has been a member of the US ski-o team. Tamara Yobe is a medical doctor visiting Strong Memorial Hospital for a month. Her home is in Mendoza, Argentina, in the foothills of the Andes. She came to Winterfest to experience Mendon Ponds Park. She was excited to discover orienteering. Her energy was contagious. John Edgemon lives in South Carolina. He is an ROC member because he enjoys the opportunity to orienteer when he visits his Rochester family. We missed Rick and Linda’s energetic presence. They were in Georgia participating in the annual Georgia Navigator Cup. This was one of Karl Kolva’s favorite events. There were a few noteworthy orienteering accomplishments. Jackie Alexander, age 12, was second on the beginner 1.9k course, very close to first place. Jason Urckfitz had an amazing time of 63:26 on the 7.4 k long advanced course. Rob Stevens was right behind him by 4 minutes. Vince Cassano did not do a course. At 30 degrees, it was too nice a day not to bike, so he rode from Bushnell’s Basin to pick up the most difficult controls on the east eskers and hills. Last, but not least, we thank the hard working dedicated volunteers who made the meet a success: Gary Maslanka , course setter; Dick Detwiler, printing and consultant; Mike and Jackie Alexander, Jim and Patty Borden, Heidi Hall, registration; Don Winslow, greeter; Dayle Lavine, food; Rick Lavine, instruction; Tyler Borden and Stina Bridgeman, epunch; Stina Bridgeman, Vince Cassano, Rukhsana Cofer, Carl Palmer, Dayle Lavine, flag pickup; Patty Borden, cleanup. Meet directors: Dayle and Rick Lavine
1Dan GoldowitzM-21+ 24:40
2Jackie AlexanderF-12ROC29:36
3Dave,Savanah,Cheyanne TompsonT3 32:57
4David, Leah MuenchT2 38:04
5Mary Heirmann GroupT4 41:59
6Nancy BurgeyF60+ROC42:46
7Patty Borden, Jeannette WahlT2ROC44:25
8David BridenM70+ 46:49
9Tamara YobeF-21+ 68:45
1Hugh LambertM40+ 50:37
2Don WinslowM50+ROC54:35
3Jim BordenM50+ROC56:52
4Ed DellerM60+ROC64:49
5Mark Salas & Megan GrangerT2ROC66:05
6Thomas McNellyM70+ROC67:00
7Jean SheehanF50+ 67:30
8Richard BurgeyM70+ROC71:06
9Zack Butler FamilyT4ROC75:47
10Tosca LindbergF40+ 80:02
11Teague, Alex, William RuderT3ROC90:59
12Laurie HuntF60+ROC95:02
13Tamara YobeF-21+ 109:02
14Louise CookF60+ROC110:01
Anita EdgemonF40+ROCDNF
Intermediate Long5.500k
1John SanykoM-21+ 70:39
2Michael LyonsM50+ROC78:43
3Todd SheehanM40+ 80:32
4Michael AlexanderM40+ROC84:24
5Dave CornellM50+ROC91:45
6Heidi HallF40+ROC99:26
7Carl PalmerM50+ROC116:20
7Rukhsana CoferRecROC116:20
John ReighnM60+ROCDNF
Christina BrayF50+ROCDNF
Chris TylockM-21+ROCDNF
1Jason UrckfitzM-21+ROC63:26
2Rob Stevens ROC67:12
3Steve Tylock ROC84:15
4Doug Hall ROC85:11
5Stina BridgemanF-21+ROC90:07
6Kelly Urckfitz, Ann JohnstonT2ROC150:56
7Joe FloresM50+ 176:23
Carl FeyM40+ROCDNF
Tyler BordenM-21+ROCDNF