Cumming Nature Center2017-02-19
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Score-O | White
25 Starts We had a great event at Cumming Nature Center today. Although it was too warm for a Ski-O, it was a great day to be out in sunny 55 degrees in February. Hopefully we'll get to try the trails for ski-o next winter. The crew at the Nature Center were very welcoming and the ski patrol served up yummy chili and cornbread for their annual fund raiser. Thanks to Linda for mapping the Nature Center and designing the Score-O and Stina for setting the course. And many thanks to our wonderful crew of volunteers: Greeter: Carl Palmer Registration: Doug Hall, Dayle Lavine, Rukhsana Cofer and Dick Detwiler Instruction: Rick Lavine Start/Finish: Stina Bridgeman and Kathy Bannister Flag Pickup: Olga Huber, Gary Maslanka and Stina Bridgeman Heidi Hall, Meet Director Score-O        5.80k
NameClassClubTotal TimeTotal ScoreGross ScorePenaltyBonus
1Doug HallM40+ROC48:2222022000
2Todd SheehanM40+ROC54:1822022000
3Olga HuberF40+ROC56:3322022000
4Steven TylockM40+ROC60:3022022000
5Chad BordenM-21+ROC60:5422022000
6Gary MaslankaM60+ROC70:3222022000
7Ralph LindzonM60+Other85:4622022000
8Mark SalasM40+ROC65:4721021000
9Tom McNellyM70+ROC89:4321021000
10Bob BundyM70+ROC88:0619019000
11Dayle LavineF70+ROC85:0218018000
12April MillerF50+ROC82:0017017000
13Carl PalmerM50+ROC92:37160190300
14Rukhsana CoferRecROC92:39160190300
15Richard BurgeyM70+ROC73:2714014000
15Christine DuRossF40+ROC73:2714014000
17Rick LavineM70+ROC85:5914014000
18Nancy BurgeyF60+ROC79:4610010000
19Louise CookT2ROC69:38808000
20Jean SheehanF50+ROC97:4260140800
1Patty BordenF50+ROC57:59
2Erika KalgrenF-21+ 71:37
3Elizabeth TrojianT4 71:40
4Doug SmithT4 82:32
5Kymberly AvelT5 97:06