Durand Eastman Park2017-08-24
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Score-O Sprint White
Attackpoint | Winsplits | RouteGadget
51 Starts The weather was just about perfect for our Thursday evening fun at Durand. First-time course setter Mike Alexander did a fantastic job designing and setting out the controls for White, Sprint and Score-O courses. There was a good turnout, including some scouts, a church group and other adventure junkies. It was possible to do both the Sprint and Score-O, and a few people did both. Big thanks to all volunteers including Bob Bundy, Ed Deller, Nancy Burgey, Don Winslow, Jim and Patty Borden, Tyler Borden, Stina Bridgeman, Pete Dady, Heidi Hall, Gary Maslanka, and "the usual suspects". Doug Hall, event director Score-O - 210 Points
NameClassClub MemberTotal TimeTotal ScoreGross ScorePenaltyBonus
1Thomas RycroftM40+ROC53:0621021000
2Rob StevensM40+ROC57:2521021000
3Chad BordenM-21+ROC58:5421021000
4Tim RatowskiM40+ROC59:1721021000
5John SawykoM-21+ROC59:5520020000
6Zachary LyonsM-21+ROC55:1019019000
7Russell NordquestM40+ROC56:4819019000
8Stephen BrooksM-21+ROC57:1118018000
9Pete DadyM60+CNYO57:4618018000
10Stina BridgemanF40+ROC53:1917017000
11Todd & Jean SheehanT2ROC56:5017017000
12Tim HowlandM40+ROC58:3617017000
13Erin RycroftF-21+ROC51:5816016000
14Ian WebberM40+ROC55:1416016000
15Lindsay WornerF-21+ROC56:3216016000
16Dick DetwilerM60+ROC45:0015015000
17Mark SalasM50+ROC52:2315015000
18Jim PamperM50+ROC54:2015015000
19Chris JoyceM-21+ROC57:3715015000
20Steve, Rachel TylockT2ROC58:5815015000
21Heidi HallF40+ROC54:5714014000
22Gary MaslankaM60+ROC60:07140170300
23Edward DellerM60+ROC55:1013013000
24Jessica Hishman, Tommy PaezT2ROC56:1913013000
25Bob BundyM70+ROC58:0013013000
26Jim BordenM50+ROC58:0112012000
27Patty BordenF50+ROC58:3912012000
28Michael LyonsM50+ROC59:2812012000
29Team Butler FamilyT4ROC56:5111011000
30Jennifer ManleyF50+ROC58:0311011000
31Kim AbellM40+ROC63:10701901200
32Lori Kalinowski,Jessica SnyderT2 50:29606000
33Patrick CliffordM-21+ 62:4630120900
1Zachary LyonsM-21+ROC16:24
2Rob StevensM40+ROC17:51
3Zack ButlerM40+ROC21:52
4Stina BridgemanF40+ROC22:23
5Steve TylockT2ROC22:25
6Pete DadyM60+CNYO22:40
7Lindsay WornerF-21+ROC26:03
8Don WinslowM50+ROC26:07
9Gary MaslankaM60+ROC26:59
10Michael LyonsM50+ROC35:32
11Tyler BordenM-21+ROC36:14
12Richard BurgeyM70+ROC42:50
1Shaun AlexanderM-12ROC24:21
2Patty BordenF50+ROC30:30
3Ellen, Aiden FerrgusonT2 32:36
4Willian Morrissy GroupT6 45:05
5Brooks FamilyT4ROC48:29
6Scott-Orton-Gauter GroupT6 55:45