Mendon Ponds Park2017-09-09
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61 Starts ROC's National Orienteering Day event was held at Cavalry Lodge in Mendon Ponds on a Saturday of perfect weather, Sept 9. It was great to see some new faces ! Tyler Borden, created a very interesting set of courses that were shorter than normal, allowing the time for participants to finish one and then go out again on another. We had 61 starts. Thanks to Tyler for also keeping track of electronic timing and results. Lots of volunteers were on hand to make for a wonderful event; Bob Bundy arrived early which really helped me out with meet set-up. Laurie Hunt assisted on many fronts. Registration was manned by Rukhsana Cofer, Heidi and Doug Hall, Zach Butler, Bob Bundy and Jackie Alexander. Zach B also helped Tyler set out controls and vet locations beforehand. Carl Palmer greeted people and answered questions. Nancy Burgey took over as meet director and food organizer so I could have some fun in the woods. Don Winslow set up a very popular string-O course for the youngest, and also was on hand for instruction. And lastly, flag pick-up was done by Steve Brooks, Ed Deller, Tom McNelly and Stina Bridgeman. Thanks to all the participants who made the day a success, Anne Schwartz ( event director )
White Beginner1.600k 65m
1Susan HaefnerT2ROC27:25
2Shaun AlexanderM-12ROC27:55
3Alexandra DobretsovaF-12ROC28:31
4Melissa Riley FamilyT4 44:05
5Christine LoperfidoF60+ROC46:55
6Vince, Max, Will LuongoT3 66:10
Thomas H GroupT3 DNF
Yellow Novice1.800k 95m
1Jeff McBeth FamilyT5ROC30:27
2Higgins and Crawford GroupT3ROC49:25
3Antje, Daniel BrooksT2ROC55:05
4David BridenM70+ 65:44
5J Newcomb LoshF60+ROC69:57
6Zack Phillips FamilyT4 74:32
7Nancy BurgeyF70+ROC79:04
8Susan HaefnerT2ROC113:19
Orange-Brown2.200k 150m
1Don WinslowM50+ROC36:09
2Edward DellerM60+ROC44:40
3Paul HutkowskiM40+ 49:48
4Tom McNellyM70+ROC52:11
5Eric, Evan PhillipsT2 60:46
6Mike SharpeM50+ 62:48
7Richard BurgeyM70+ROC64:59
8Anne SchwartzF60+ROC65:36
9Teague, Alex RuderT2ROC73:14
10Laurie HuntF60+ROC77:43
11Bob BundyM70+ROC94:09
12Efrat Engel Shaposcnik FamilyT3 119:11
Louise CookM60+ROCDNF
Green-Red2.600k 155m
1Tim DobretsovM-16ROC27:11
2Steve TylockM50+ 27:48
3Stephen BrooksM-21+ROC28:50
4Christopher JoyceM-21+ROC30:03
5Sergey DobretsovM40+ROC30:15
6Jeff FrischM-21+ 32:04
7Lawrence CreaturaM50+ROC35:06
8Zachary LyonsM-21+ROC37:11
9Lindsay WornerF-21+ROC37:20
10Jason UrckfitzM40+ROC38:04
11Stina BridgemanF40+ROC38:38
12Zack ButlerM40+ROC38:44
13Alex NazareukoM60+ 44:15
14Doug HallM40+ROC49:30
15Dick DetwilerM60+ROC50:08
16Mark SalasM50+ROC50:46
17William MorrisseyM50+ROC53:06
18Joel ShoreM50+ROC53:29
19Todd SheehanM50+ROC56:36
20Soren LindahlM50+ROC57:16
21Michael LyonsM50+ROC62:44
22Rukhsana C and Carl PT2ROC64:20
23Rick SlatteryM60+ 66:40
24Olga HuberF40+ROC70:24
25Mike Meynadasy, Rebecca PowellT2ROC76:12
Training course not officially scored only for reference.
Beginner Training1.600k 50m
1Isaac McBethM-14ROC15:17
2Jim Tappon and GraceT2ROC48:10
Novice Training1.300k 75m
1Jeff FrischM-21+ 15:16
2Mike SharpeM50+ 19:59
3Eric, Evan PhillipsT2 23:47
4Ravi Nareppa GroupT3 41:36
5Hannah Saxena, Rachel ZacharyRecROC55:38
Intermediate Training2.0k 105m
1Jeff FrischM-21+ 37:21
2Rachael TylockF-21+ROC53:18
3Dan HurleyM40+ROC107:55
Advanced Training2.200k 140m
1Jeff FrischM-21+ 30:01
2Christopher JoyceM-21+ROC33:18
3Lawrence CreaturaM50+ROC33:55
4Lindsay WornerF-21+ROC34:31
5Stina BridgemanF40+ROC34:36
6Tim DobretsovM-16ROC37:23
7Olga HuberF40+ROC47:48
8Mark SalasM50+ROC50:02
9Steve TylockM50+ROC64:14
10Doug HallM40+ROC65:08
10Heidi HallF40+ROC65:08
12Jennifer, Paul M, Jean SheehanT3ROC83:49
Joel ShoreM50+ROCDNF
Jeff McBethM40+ROCDNF