Highland Park Score-O2019-07-09
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Beginner | Score-O
24 Starts Our first Score-O of the season was held at the new, creative playground right on Highland Dr. We were fortunate to set up under one of the three available shelters for a bit of shade. 23 individuals/groups started precisely at 6:30 and most returned under the required 45 minute time allotment. CNYO’s Pete Dady did not win the prize for coming the farthest distance for this event. That prize goes to Itiel Telem who is from Israel (visiting family in Ithaca). We fielded lots of questions from parents of playground users so hopefully they will take a look at our schedule and the club will see them in the future! Thanks to all our wonderful volunteers who make events run so smoothly: Richard Detwiler (course setter), Don Winslow (greeter), Tom McNelly and Steve Tylock (registration), Rukhsana Palmer (instruction), Tyler Borden (timing), Anne Schwartz (food), Heidi and Doug Hall, Stina Bridgeman, Gary Maslanka (flag pick-up) Anne Schwartz (meet director)
1Dale, Kate O'DellT2ROC33:33
Score-O- 320 Points Total
NameClassClubTotal TimeTotal ScoreGross ScorePenaltyBonus
1Doug HallM50+ROC37:4832032000
2Chad BordenM-21+ROC43:0332032000
3Michael LyonsM50+ROC44:3332032000
4Mark SalasM50+ROC41:4031031000
4john sawykoM-21+ROC42:3831031000
6Lawrence CreaturaM50+ROC41:1229029000
7Stina BridgemanF40+ROC44:0129029000
8Pete DadyM60+CNYO44:1529029000
9Gary MaslankaM60+ROC44:3929029000
10Don WinslowM50+ROC44:3927027000
11Joel ShoreM50+ROC39:4325025000
12Steve, Rachel TylockT2ROC44:5325025000
13Maggie HallF-21+ROC37:5224024000
14Bill WelchM60+ROC43:5624024000
15Heidi HallF50+ROC44:4523023000
16Itiel TelemF60+Other29:3922022000
17Tyler BordenM-21+ROC24:2521021000
18Anita EdgemonM40+ROC43:5221021000
19Team JonesyT2ROC45:15210220100
20Todd, Jean SheehanT2ROC46:55210230200
21Bob BundyM70+ROC41:3720020000
22Tom McNellyM70+ROC44:4718018000
23Richard BurgeyM70+ROC32:4515015000