RIT Sprint Mania2019-07-23
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A: 50-50 | B: Maze | C: Scrambler | Beginner
Attackpoint | Winsplits | RouteGadget
45 Starts We had a beautiful evening and lots of folks joined us to try to not get lost amongst the brick maze that is the RIT campus. Rob Stevens set us three sprint courses from one end of campus to the other, and people did one, two, or all three (an impressive number did all three!). A number of RIT staff and students joined us for their first orienteering experience, and we hope to see them at more events in the future! Thanks to all the volunteers who helped the event run so smoothly. Event director: Zack Butler Course setter: Rob Stevens Registration: Beth DeBartolo, Nancy Burgey Timing: Tyler Borden Flag Pickup: Richard Burgey, Ed Deller, Stina Bridgeman, Steve & Rachael Tylock Food & Drink: Anne Schwartz
A: 50-502.200k
1Alison CrockerF-21+CROC13:27
2john sawykoM-21+ROC16:09
3Christopher JoyceM-21+ROC16:24
4Todd SheehanM50+ROC16:28
5Doug HallM50+ROC17:02
6Steve TylockM50+ROC17:45
7Stina BridgemanF40+ROC17:59
8Gary MaslankaM60+ROC18:43
9Richard DetwilerM70+ROC20:21
10Jim PamperM50+ROC20:31
11Lindsay WornerF-21+ROC20:36
12Mark SalasM50+ROC20:37
13Pete DadyM60+CNYO20:48
14Rick WornerM70+ROC21:20
15Linda KohnF70+ROC21:21
16Rachael TylockF-21+ROC21:22
17Don WinslowM50+ROC21:37
18Bill WelchM60+CNYO22:00
19Heidi HallF50+ROC22:59
20Jeff FrischM-21+ROC24:19
21Penni OrlandoRec 25:48
22Anne SchwartzF60+ROC26:16
23Andrew BeckmannM-21+ROC28:15
24Simon ButlerM-16ROC31:20
25Tom McNellyM70+ROC32:02
26Richard BurgeyM70+ROC32:11
27Edward DellerM60+ROC40:53
28John ReighnM60+ROC46:53
29Chithira PugazhenthiRec 55:59
30Antara SharmaF-21+56:01
31Dilin WangF-21+ 60:00
B: Maze2.100k
1Alison CrockerF-21+CROC11:43
2Lucas LyonsM-20ROC12:47
3Christopher JoyceM-21+ROC13:57
4john sawykoM-21+ROC15:06
5Doug HallM50+ROC15:38
6Steve TylockM50+ROC15:41
7Stina BridgemanF40+ROC16:14
8Zack ButlerM40+ROC16:19
9Mark SalasM50+ROC16:21
10Jeff FrischM-21+ROC16:24
11Todd SheehanM50+ROC16:43
12Tyler BordenM-21+ROC17:22
13Michael LyonsM50+ROC17:41
14Rachael TylockF-21+ROC18:04
15Richard DetwilerM70+ROC18:08
16Lindsay WornerF-21+ROC18:15
17Rick WornerM70+ROC18:33
18Don WinslowM50+ROC18:50
19Jim PamperM50+ROC18:51
20Rob HolmesM40+ROC19:15
21Pete DadyM60+CNYO20:42
22Chad BordenM-21+ROC20:48
23Linda KohnF70+ROC21:56
24Gary MaslankaM60+ROC22:32
25Edward DellerM60+ROC23:03
26Heidi HallF50+ROC23:23
27Anne SchwartzF60+ROC24:13
28Bill WelchM60+CNYO25:10
29Andrew BeckmannM-21+ROC27:05
30David, Lisa Dillon T2 27:49
31Tom McNellyM70+ROC30:53
31Richard BurgeyM70+ROC30:53
33Simon ButlerM-16ROC31:50
34Stephanie, Aaron, Stella BauscT3 33:11
35Tue, Ken, Sara, Samantha Kotz T4 33:16
36Laurie HuntF60+ROC35:37
37John ReighnM60+ROC38:07
38Marissa BurklandRecROC38:12
39Elizabeth HaneF40+ROC51:45
40Shawn ForneyM60+CNYO64:38
C: Scrambler2.100k
1Alison CrockerF-21+CROC11:17
2Christopher JoyceM-21+ROC13:34
3john sawykoM-21+ROC13:50
4Mark SalasM50+ROC14:14
5Jeff FrischM-21+ROC14:18
6Doug HallM50+ROC14:47
7Zack ButlerM40+ROC14:55
8Steve TylockM50+ROC14:56
9Stina BridgemanF40+ROC15:15
10Todd SheehanM50+ROC15:31
11Michael LyonsM50+ROC16:14
12Gary MaslankaM60+ROC16:50
13Tyler BordenM-21+ROC17:19
14Jim PamperM50+ROC17:29
15Bill WelchM60+CNYO17:31
16Kevin Skariah, Oliver MRec 17:39
17Richard DetwilerM70+ROC17:40
18Rob HolmesM40+ROC18:11
19Rachael TylockF-21+ROC18:16
20Pete DadyM60+CNYO18:19
21Chad BordenM-21+ROC18:29
22Lindsay WornerF-21+ROC19:32
23Linda KohnF70+ROC20:02
24Rick WornerM70+ROC20:09
25Don WinslowM50+ROC20:22
26Heidi HallF50+ROC20:47
27Tom McNellyM70+ROC21:36
28Andrew BeckmannM-21+ROC23:32
29David, Lisa Dillon T2 26:30
30Beth DeBartoloF40+ROC26:45
31Penni OrlandoRec 30:10
32Laurie HuntF60+ROC33:03
1Rabello Allen, Rachael McgrathT2ROC17:13
2Marissa BurklandRecROC21:17
3Tue, Ken, Sara, Samantha KotzT4 24:36
4Stephanie, Aaron, Stella BauschardT3 24:37
Tyler MoesleM-21+ DNF