Mendon Ponds Park Score-O2019-08-10
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Score-O | Beginner
Attackpoint | RouteGadget
51 Starts We had a fabulous weather day for orienteering today at Mendon Ponds Park. Between the Score-o and beginner's course there were a total of 51 starts. We welcomed many new faces and families and hope to see them all back again very soon! Thanks to Rob for designing and Mike for setting the great courses today. Thanks to Rukhsana and Ed for handling registration. Thanks to Tyler and Mike for running timing. Thanks to Anne for setting up our feast of snacks including the yummy watermelon! Thanks to Gary, Pete, Ed, Bill and Doug for picking up controls. Thanks to Don for providing instruction to our many newcomers! And thanks to everyone who helped out in some other unofficial way such as Chris with map handout, Carl with setting up our banner, Mitch taking down a banner and Doug setting out road signs! Being meet director is a breeze with such a great group of volunteers! Heidi Hall (meet director)
Score-O- 240 Points
NameClassClubTotal TimeTotal ScoreGross ScorePenaltyBonus
1Greg SchmidtM40+ROC47:2024024000
2Doug HallM50+ROC59:1024024000
3Nathan CollinsworthM-20ROC53:0423023000
4Mitch CollinsworthM60+ROC57:4223023000
5Stina BridgemanF40+ROC58:2823023000
6Rob StevensM50+ROC60:59230240100
7Zack ButlerM40+ROC58:3922022000
8Pete DadyM60+CNYO57:2421021000
9Luke LyonsM-20ROC52:2321021000
10Quinn BannisterM-20BFLO52:2120020000
11Tyler BordenM-21+ROC52:5820020000
12Joel ShoreM50+ROC47:1619019000
13John SawykoM-21+ROC60:22190200100
14Carl, Rukhsana PalmerT2ROC62:40190220300
15Jeff FrischM-21+ROC59:0718018000
16Anne SchwartzF60+ROC53:1217017000
17Don WinslowM50+ROC55:2617017000
18Teague RuderT4 58:4417017000
19Ed DellerM60+ROC60:30170180100
20Lawrence CrecturaM50+ROC61:17170190200
21Jim BordenM50+ROC56:3015015000
22Vince LuongoM50+ 56:4215015000
23Kathy BannisterF70+ROC58:4515015000
24Peter WeberM50+BFLO58:5414014000
25Patricia LyonsF60+BFLO60:33140150100
26Bill WelchM60+ROC65:27140200600
27Katie TynerF-21+ROC49:0413013000
28Janet PattF40+ROC49:0513013000
29Larry PattM50+ 49:1213013000
30Patty BordenF50+ROC52:2113013000
31Gary MaslankaM60+ROC69:291302301000
32Walt LyonsM70+BFLO62:13120150300
33Richard, Fred DetwilerT2ROC47:5111011000
34Laurie HuntF60+ROC62:36110140300
35John ReighnM60+ROC52:1010010000
36Soren LindahlM50+ROC69:40901901000
37Mark SalasM50+ROC70:12902001100
38Steward Brennan GroupT5ROC54:36808000
1Team Turinsky etc.T4ROC27:08
2Patty BordenF50+ROC28:06
3Fred DetwilerM-12ROC30:25
4Larry PattM50+ 32:29
4Janet PattF40+ROC32:29
6Katie TynerF-21+ROC32:34
7Mark KraszF50+ 38:47
8Bryan PaulingRec 38:48
9Ann ForbesF60+ 47:05
10Sonja Olbert, Bill WaterhouseT2 52:47
11Kimberly FluetT5ROC54:18
12Denise AmbroseRecROC57:06
13Paul AntonowiczM50+ 74:45