44 Starts


The Vampires were in fine form on Saturday, October 26th at Mendon Ponds. 
Although not as numerous as the deer, the Vampires and their red 
flashlights captured almost every individual or group. A few people 
managed to find the gallon jugs of “holy water” that protected them for 
two controls. Course setter and meet director Lindsay Worner set 35 
controls in a small area so that their was a lot of action in a small 
space. A few people managed to get into the “safe zone” on the porch 
shortly after the horn sounded at the 50 minute mark. In the last 10 
minutes the Vampires lurked in the areas near the porch waiting to 
capture the people returning at the 60 minute deadline.

A number of people visited the moving “ghost control” that was sneaking 
around throughout the event. The ghost was actually Lindsay’s dog Finn 
wearing a flashing red strobe light. Some of the controls had bags of 
candy attached to treat the runners.

When the action was over and the Vampires were identified and some weird 
and worthless prizes were distributed to the participants. Donuts and 
cider were served to all of the survivors even the Vampires were allowed 
to partake in the feast.

Thanks to Steve and Rachel Tylock for doing registration. Anne Schwartz 
for bringing refreshments and to Rachel Tylock and partner, Jeff Frisch, 
Rick Worner and another volunteer for picking up controls. Linda Kohn 
created and formatted the special maps.

Vampire-O Results

    1. Rachael Tylock & Henry Davignom 27
    2. Olga Huber 24
    3. Jocelyn Svengsouk 23
    4. Zak Borden 23
    5. Stephen Cavilia 22
    6. Kalvin Connor 21
    7. Andrew Beckman 21
    8. Jim & Patty Borden 20
    9. Steve Tylock 19
    10. Kim & Deb Abel 19
    11. Kim & Matthew Fluet, August, Benjamin, Chloe 18
    12. Doug Hall 18
    13. Shawn Nedwidek & Erin George, Teagan, Deelan 17
    14. Jon Sirkin,  Ava, Emery, Atalyn 17
    15. Rob Holmes & daughter 17
    16. Zak Kitt 17
    17. Joel Shore 16
    18. Mike & Jacqueline Alexander 16
    19. Scott Migas, Chrissy, Lars, Tommy 16
    20. Lisa & Jefferson Svengsouk 16
    21. Kim & Mark Avel 16
    22. Grayson Phillips, Hadley, Zack 16
    23. Tracy & Rich Rericha 15
    24. Justin Kirby, Adrienne, Phoebe, Graham, Rosemary 15
    25. Mike & Julie Knapp 14
    26. Jeff Frisch 14
    27. Anne Swartz & Dick Detwiler 14
    28. Brett Shelton 14
    29. Stephen Brooks, Antje, Daniel, Erich, Katja 13
    30. Janet Patt 12
    31. Katie Tyner 12
    32. Vanessa Crans 12
    33. Heidi Hall 9
    34. Katie & Tom Dunn 8
    35. Danielle Kitt, Danielle, Cindy, Kali, Lily 5
Tyler Borden
Emily Follett
Scott Duntley, Amy, Rich
Frances Barg, R. Emmett Michie, Ishai Nardia
Randi Maryjanowski
Adrienne Snopkowski
Sara Toca
Nicholas Dossier
Jillian Hauck