Cumming Nature Center - Ski-O2020-02-15
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22 Starts Weekend of Ski-O Feb 15-16 With the recent arrival of snow and temperatures conducive to skiing we decided to re-schedule our Harriet Hollister Ski-o and run back to back events this weekend. Saturday at Cumming Nature Center, we were part of their annual Nordic Fest. The weather was gorgeous with sun overhead and nice temps with the late afternoon start. Linda set some challenging courses and everyone came back smiling because of the great skiing. Stina set some fun and challenging courses at Harriet Hollister. The weather felt a bit chillier with the lack of sun on Sunday but the skiing was also great. We had 22 starts at Cumming and 14 starts at Harriet Hollister with a handful of folks who made it both days! Thanks to Doug for being my unofficial co-meet director. Thanks to Linda and Stina for designing and setting great courses. Thanks to Ed, Katie and Zack for help at registration, Tyler and Stina for timing, and Stina, Katie, Gary, Emily and Sergey for f lag pickup! You guys make my job so easy! Heidi Hall - meet director
Beginner3.3k 50m
1Patty BordenF50+ROC85:42
2Jim, Kim AgarT2 102:10
3Jeremy Lum, Rena WintonT2 109:39
Don Deheney, Barb MahrarT2 DNF
Justin Dietrich FamilyT5 DNF
Henry BodkinM-21+ROCDNF
Intermediate5.0k 90m
1Mark SalasM50+ROC72:10
2Andrew BeckmannM-21+ 77:10
Jennifer ManleyF50+ROCDNF
Edward DellerM60+ROCDNF
Debra ShetterF60+ DNF
Laune RecktenwaldFogleF50+ DNF
Advanced8.8k 155m
1Sergey DobretsovM40+ROC60:08
2Stina BridgemanF40+ROC65:47
3Kaitlin DunnF-21+ROC68:46
4Doug HallM50+ROC88:40
5Gary MaslankaM60+ROC92:58
6Jim PamperM60+ROC93:03
7Georg NadorffM50+ROC96:52
8Lawrence CreaturaM50+ROC111:14
Steve TylockM50+ROCPending
Emily FollettF-21+ DNF