Alasa Frams2021-09-12
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The rain held off and we had a great turnout for our courses at Alasa Farms today. The terrain and contours made for technically challenging courses yet again. Thanks to Doug for course setting and helping out with some co-meet directing. Thanks to Nancy, Kathy and Patty at registration, Tyler at timing, Don for greeting, and Jim, Patty, Richard, Ed, Andrew and Doug for flag pickup.All our great volunteers make the meet directing job a pleasure - Heidi Hall meet director
Beginner1.300k 25m
1Alexandra DobretsovaF-12ROC17:22
2Gabriel Godines, Devin PerloT2 22:07
3Alejandro Maris, Huimei XiaoT2 29:42
4Fred DetwilerM-12ROC29:51
5Sheba Sow, Qian ZhangT2 34:36
6Prachi Kelkar, Sharang SriramuT2 34:42
7Laurie HuntF60+ROC34:54
8Frances BargT2 53:29
Intermediate2.200k 70m
1Anders RydM50+CNYO24:39
2Tyler BordenM-21+ 40:31
3Ariel Fabry, Chaplin FabryT2 44:04
4Heidi HallF50+ROC46:41
5James BordenT2ROC49:31
6Richard BurgeyM70+ROC53:08
7Suhail Chamieh, Jake McCoolT2 53:17
8Evelyn BristerT3ROC56:14
9Gabriel Godines, Devin PerloT2 69:50
10Ashan Ariyawansa Galabada DewaM-21+ROC85:56
11Nilima WaluT2 87:28
12Rachel, Vivian, AbigailT3 102:44
Alejandro Maris, Huimei XiaoT2 DNF
Sheba Sow, Qian ZhangT2 DNF
Prachi Kelkar, Sharang SriramuT2 DNF
Adv Short2.700k 75m
1Rob HolmesF50+ROC40:57
2Jim PamperM60+ROC46:08
3Anders RydM50+CNYO53:41
4Tyler BordenM-21+ROC55:55
5Don WinslowM50+ROC58:56
6Andrew BeckmannM-21+ROC59:15
7Kaitlin DunnF-21+ROC71:31
8Ed DellerM60+ROC74:55
9Tom McNellyM70+ROC94:30
10Daniel McNellyM70+ROC94:37
11Kathy BannisterF70+ROC105:38
Shawn ForneyM60+CNYODNF
Adv Long5.500k 170m
1Danny RileyM-21+Other52:04
2Sergey DobretsovM40+ROC78:45
3Cameron FergusonM-21+ROC82:52
4Zachary ArmstrongM-21+ROC92:09
5Chad BordenM-21+ROC92:27
6Eric BarbehennM40+ROC141:42
7Soren LindahlM50+ROC177:02
Jennifer ManleyF50+ROCDNF
Jeremy WachtmanT2ROCDNF
Zack ButlerM40+ROCDNF