Durand Eastman Park2021-10-17
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The sun and the wind were both present for Durand East on October 17. Many thanks to Linda Kohn for setting out almost all of the controls in the rain the day before so she and Rick could travel to Pennsylvania for Karl and Mary Kolva's memorial service the day of the meet. Things went smoothly with the help of the following volunteers: Timing and all things computer related- Tyler Borden Registration- Nancy Burgey and Ed Deller Greeter and Instructor- Don Winslow Flag Pick-up - Jim Borden, Richard Burgey, Patty Borden, Stina Bridgeman, Jim Pamper, Andrew Beckman Printing- Dick Detwiler My apologies to all on the Intermediate course, whose first control had them skidding, then wading through a mud hole! Lots of expletives on that one upon their return ! Other than that, it was a great day to enjoy the outdoors. -Anne Schwartz, meet director
Beginner1.9k 60m
1Daniel BurgeyM-12ROC30:15
2Alexandra DobretsovaF-12ROC39:02
3Michael, Julie Barcom-KnappT2ROC40:11
4Ken, Skyler, Stacy StewardT3ROC53:12
Ariel, Chaplin FabryT2ROC25:40 N/C
Intermediate3.2k 115m
1Don WinslowM50+ROC55:02
2Tyler BordenM-21+ROC55:22
3Ariel, Chaplin FabryT2ROC64:53
4Richard DetwilerM70+ROC64:59
5Evelyn BristerT4ROC65:39
6Ed DellerM60+ROC69:23
7Linda GroomF50+ROC74:14
8Diane, Jim KrattschikT2ROC76:20
9Richard BurgeyM70+ROC79:29
10Bob BundyM70+ROC80:20
11James BordenT2ROC86:36
12Tom McNellyM70+ROC87:20
13Patrick CliffordM-21+ 97:43
14Ryan ProsserT2 103:22
15Laurie HuntF60+ROC106:22
Shawn ForneyF60+CNYODNF
Nilima WalunjkarF-21+ DNF
Joshua LangloisM-21+ DNF
Long Adv5.0k 200m
1Greg SchmidtM40+ROC42:09
2Zack ButlerM40+ROC50:26
3Chad BordenM-21+ROC54:41
4Sergey DobretsovM40+ROC58:03
5Tim RatowskiM40+ 59:42
6Stina BridgemanF40+ROC60:02
6Benjamin SchnidtM-21+ROC60:02
8Zachary ArmstrongM-21+ROC61:58
9Andrew BeckmannM-21+ROC62:33
10Anders RydM50+CNYO66:46
11Pete DadyM70+CNYO71:17
12Joel ShoreM50+ROC71:49
13Jim PamperM50+ROC76:02
14Gary MaslankaM60+ROC78:07
15Soren LindahlM50+ROC78:16
16Haozhi ZhangM-21+ 95:46
17Heidi HallF50+ROC106:45
Kaitlin DunnF-21+ROCDNF