Powder Mills Park Night-O2021-11-13
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For the finale of the 2021 Orienteering season, we held a 2nd Night-O one week after the last one. Everyone was excited to come out and try a Night-O, some for the first time or others to see if they could do better than last week. Some had never been in the park before. It only happened because of some dedicated volunteers. Course designer – Richard Burgey and Nancy Burgey (computer work) Control Set out – Richard Burgey with help from Vince Cassano, his wife and pup Map updates and course consultant – Linda Kohn Map Printer – Dick Detwiler Meet Director – Nancy Burgey with help from Richard, Linda and Daniel Burgey Registration – Laurie Hunt (stepped up last minute) Timing – Tyler Borden Control Pick-up: Stina Bridgeman, Gary Maslanka, Andrew Beckmann, Steve Tylock, and Eric Barbehenn Donna Boots brought a bag of apples for us to enjoy. Thank you, they were tasty. Thanks to everyone for pre registration, making the registration process run smoothly. There were 26 individuals and groups that went out and everyone came back. Everyone had a great time and with many discussions about route choices and stories were swapped.

Night-O - 760 Points

NameClassClub -Total TimeScoreGross ScorePenaltyBonus
1Greg SchmidtM40+ROC54:0576076000
2Jason UrckfitzM50+ROC57:4376076000
3Tim RatowskiM40+ROC67:3176076000
4Zachary ArmstrongM-21+ROC74:3576076000
5Benjamin SchmidtM-21+ROC76:31710730200
6Stina BridgemanF40+ROC73:5670070000
7Gary MaslankaM60+ROC73:4463063000
8Joshua LangloisM-21+ROC73:5063063000
9Eric BarbehennM40+ROC76:16630650200
10Mark SalasM50+ROC72:2161061000
11Andrew BeckmannM-21+ROC74:1859059000
12Robert FeissnerM40+ROC73:3155055000
13Kim AbellM50+ROC70:4451051000
14Joel ShoreM50+ROC71:4849049000
15Donna BootsF60+ROC72:2548048000
16Scott MageeM40+ 72:4448048000
17Mort NaceM50+ 72:4848048000
18Steve TylockM50+ROC73:0946046000
19Teague Ruder, Alex, WilliamT3ROC72:0040040000
20Tyler BordenM-21+ROC75:58300310100
21Bob BundyM70+ROC72:5328028000
22Corey McGhanM40+ROC73:4028028000
23Julie Barcomb-Knapp, MikeT2 74:2326026000
24Justin Kirby, PhoebeT2ROC75:0022022000
25Linda Burgey, DanielF-21+ROC74:1420020000
26Robert CaseRec 84:371602601000