Durand Eastman Park2022-07-06
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Our evening meet at Durand Eastman Park was well attended with 29 Starts coming to enjoy the perfect weather and challenging hills. Doug Hall designed the courses ( beginner, intermediate, Motala short, Motala long ) with Steve Tylock as course vetter. Many thanks to Tyler Borden for managing the complicated timing for the 3 and 5 map Motalas. Thanks to the following people for making the meet director's job so easy! Special gratitude to the Bordens and Burgeys for staying to the end of the event. Control set-out: -Richard Burgey, Paul Schwartz, Richard Detwiler Instruction: -Don Winslow Greeter: -Laurie Hunt Registration: -Ed Deller, Patty Borden, Nancy Burgey Flag pick up: -Luke Lyons, Richard Burgey, Jim Borden
White1.300k 30m
1Myra Coppage, Pamela MortensenF60+ROC36:15
Intermediate2.300k 95m
1Haochi Zhang 34:55
2Sarah, Ronald CokT2 35:37
3Ed DellerM60+ROC38:34
4Callie, Greg BabbittT2ROC47:16
5Bob BundyM70+ROC49:18
6James BordenT2ROC50:59
7Max LuongoT2 55:37
8Julie Barcomb-Knapp TeamT4 60:47
9John ReighnM70+ROC74:28
10Laurie HuntF60+ROC76:10
Short Adv1.0k
1Andrew BeckmannM-21+ROC35:03
2Chad BordenM-21+ROC37:17
3Rick WornerM70+ROC47:49
4Don WinslowM50+ROC47:51
5Cindy GretzingerF60+CNYO61:00
6Richard BurgeyM70+ROC70:20
Evelyn BristerT3ROCDNF (54:18)
Long Adv1.0k
1Greg SchmidtM40+ROC47:15
2Zachary ArmstrongM-21+ROC57:31
3Luke LyonsM-21+ROC57:50
4timothy ratowskiM40+ 60:37
5Zack ButlerM40+ 64:22
6Lawrence CreactuaM40+ROC70:42
7Michael LyonsM50+ROC78:18
8Kaitlin DunnF-21+ROC83:52
Nick GretzingerM60+CNYODNF (71:13)
Mark SalasM50+ROCDNF (94:46)
Paul HoudeM50+NONEDNF (94:48)