Webster Park2022-10-02
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35 Starts Thank you for participating at the Webster Score-O. First of all Congratulations to Zachary Armstrong, he visited all 29 controls, however he was back 1:44 minutes late and lost 20 points. Greg Schmidt was 2nd, he visited 26 controls, however he was late by 1:06 minutes and lost 20 points. John Sawyko was 3rd on point but the first that did not go over the 60 minutes he visited 24 controls. Great job by all that participated. I was looking over the results and figured I would share what I saw. All of the controls were visited by at least 3 orinteerers. Number 126 had the most hits with 24, the least visited was 128 with 3 visiting it. When Richard was checking on the control placement the trees were not there, they must have come down in the wind the night before the meet. The other controls on the western side (119, 113, and 125) were visited by only 4 runners. Number 129 had 7 visits. Number 124 and 120 were visited 8 times, and the rest had 10 or more visits. A great day was had by all. Nancy and Richard Burgey
Beginner2.0k 30m
1Vincent LuongoM50+ROC17:59
2Daniel BurgeyM-12ROC27:55
3Guinevere ReillyF40+ 29:13
4Toom HayesT4 40:29
5Daring Devil DogsT4 53:49
6The CompassT5 55:38

Score-O        770 Max Points

NameClassClubTotal TimeScoreGross ScorePenaltyBonus
1Zachary ArmstrongM-21+ROC61:44760780200
2Greg SchmidtM40+ROC61:06700720200
3John SawykoM40+ROC58:4559059000
4Douglas HallM50+ROC61:40580600200
5Time RatowskiM50+ROC64:35490540500
6Phillip, Simon WolflingT2BFLO60:40390400100
7Mark SalasM50+ROC63:04360400400
8Team Dakota PalmerT2ROC66:57340410700
9Bronwyn, Eamon CappsT2ROC46:3133033000
10Lawrence CreaturaT2 62:41330360300
11Richard DetwilerM70+ROC69:093204201000
12Alex NazarenkoM60+ROC62:07310340300
13Ariel, Chaplin FabryT2ROC62:14310340300
14Laura BondF50+ 62:59310340300
15Evelyn BristerT2ROC59:4230030000
16Jennifer ManleyF50+ROC64:25300350500
17Mark KraszM50+NONE59:3429029000
18Bryan PaulingM40+ROC59:4129029000
19Anne SchwartzF60+ROC63:44290330400
20Don WinslowM50+ROC57:5428028000
21Callie, Greg BabbittT2ROC58:5427027000
22Tyler BordenM-21+ROC59:3927027000
23Soren LindahlM50+ROC52:3026026000
24Alexandra Dobretsova, Cassie KT2 60:19240250100
25Natalie NazarenkoF60+ROC60:52240250100
26Emily, Steve DalyT2 59:3220020000
27Laurie HuntF70+ROC53:5819019000
28James BordenM60+ROC78:39602501900
29Patty BordenF50+ROC78:55602501900