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Next Event Tuesday July 9 
Score-O at Highland Park 

The meet at Highland Park will feature a Score-O (visit as many controls as possible within the 45 minute time limit) and a point-to-point beginner (White) course. For the Score-O, there is a mass start (everyone starts at the same time) at 6:30 pm. For the beginner course, you can start any time between 6:00 and 6:45 pm.

The meet will start in the parking lot for the awesome playground which is located on the south side of Highland Avenue. We’ve checked out the usage of the parking lot on a couple of weekday evenings, and it seems to be fairly light, so we expect to have enough parking in the lot. If not, parking is permitted on many areas of Highland Avenue (just pay attention to any “No Parking” signs).

There are many roads that run through Highland Park, so there will be road crossings. Please be extremely careful regarding traffic when crossing, or running/walking along, roads. The busiest and probably most dangerous is South Avenue, because there are a couple of bends in the road in the area where crossing is most likely, making it hard for you to see oncoming cars, and making it hard for cars to see you. In addition, South Avenue has the most traffic. There are two marked pedestrian crossings (very close to each other); please use these for crossing South Avenue. But just because you’re in a crossing does not mean you don’t need to pay attention to traffic; you still do.

The Score-O map will be printed at 1:7500; the Beginner course map will be printed at 1:5000.

The Score-O will have 32 controls. The Beginner course has 11 controls; the straight-line distance of this course is 1.8 km (slightly more than one mile).


Orienteering from your computer.  Try out a new photo-O from Cumming Nature Center.  Answers are posted!!

More Winter Training!

Try your o skills at Mendon Ponds.  This course was used for World Orienteering Deaf Championships.  There are small plastic markers in the woods instead of controls.  Enjoy the lack of snow by doing some extra training in the wide open winter woods.  There are 2 courses out there now, take your pick.  Good luck!

M-Elite Middle.pdf

W-Elite _ M45 winter training.pdf

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