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Volunteer - Event Role Descriptions

Event Director                                                        

Event director's role is special as he/she is the one ultimately responsible for organizing the meet crew. Extensive description of the event director's responsibilities before, during and after the meet is also available.

Course Setter

  • Design courses using USOF and local guidelines with color course designations including a fail-proof white (beginner) course.   Course Setting Software Purple Pen http://purplepen.golde.org/ (freeware)
  • Assign control numbers to flags. Use 101-140
  • Make up "clue sheets" using English only for white, English & symbols for yellow, and symbols only for orange and advanced (include on map if possible).
  • Streamer and identify control locations.
  • Have course vetted by appropriate person.
  • Pre-print maps, contact Linda Kohn or Dick Detwiler at least one week ahead of event.
  • Send a brief description of available courses to Meet Director and/or Webmaster.
  • Send course xml file and background map image for routegadget and Epunch event setup to Tyler Borden
  • Write "course setter notes" if needed and post at event.
  • Set out control flags with e-punch boxes.
  • Make up master maps to facilitate flag pick-up.
  • If possible, help out during the meet where needed. 


  • Greet people as they arrive, especially newcomers.
  • Discuss procedures, hand out waivers with clipboards and recommend clinic and course.

Registration (two - four people)

  • Check all participants' waivers for signatures, including pre-registration sheet.
  • Assign SI-card number to each person/team if not pre-registered.
  • Direct to E-Punch area with waiver sheet if not pre-registered.
  • Take money, give bag, and proper map with clue sheet (or direct to start area to pick up map).
  • Remind participants that before going out on course, they must clearcheck and report to "start" and to "finish" regardless of completion.
  • Sign up new members, sell permanent maps, whistles, etc. and loan compasses if needed.

Start/finish (two people)

  • Record names and numbers, assign and record start times if needed.
  • Stress that they must report back to "finish".
  • At Finish, direct to download area for race time.
  • Post race times, if needed.
  • Assure Meet Director that all persons have returned to finish area.

Results / Epunch (two - three people)

  • The software used for ROC events is called Ór. It can be downloaded here http://www.orienteering.ie/or-home (freeware) and be experimented with on your own computer if you would like to get familiar with the interface.
  • Enter information from the entry forms in the the fields in Ór and record entry number from computer on the entry form.
  • Monitor download of competitor after they finish course and troubleshoot any issues with the results.
  • Collect rental SI-cards after download.
  • Account for people still out on courses near the end of the meet and when the courses may be taken down by the flag pickup team.
  • E-Mail results to Bob Bundy or the D&C.Give date and place of meet and be sure to include each name (individual or team member). These results should be reported the day of the event in order to be published.
  • For ribbon mailing inform Don Winslow of 1st 3 places in each group.
  • Return waivers to Don Winslow or any Board member when convenient (for insurance purposes). IF ANY MEMBERSHIP FORMS ARE MIXED IN WITH WAIVERS, MAIL THESE TO TBD.

Flag pickup

  • Get assignments from Meet Director or Course Setter.
  • Pick up flags and Velcro numbers & return to Meet Director. Note those that need repair.
  • Remove all streamers.


  • Review sticks and set up snacks, drinks, and garbage bag(s). We've moved to pre-packaged foods.
  • Pick up area and dispose of garbage after the meet is over.
  • Submit receipts for reimbursement from money box.

String O

  • Design and put out simple streamer course.
  • Record all starters and finishers.
  • Upon completion, hand out "Little Troll" stickers and/or cards.
  • Wind up streamer tape at the end of the meet.
  • Note items in short supply.  Return spool, box, and sign to Meet Director

Volunteer - Long-term Role Descriptions


Arranges for club publicity through press releases to a variety of news and web outlets. Cultivates relationships with outdoors personalities as able.  Optionally posts content to facebook, meetup, twitter, attackpoint, and looks for new opportunities as able.
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