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ROC Schedule 2023

We are working on the new schedule please sign up on the volunteer sheet so that our events can happen.

Sunday January 29th Noon-2pm - Winterfest Ski-O

Saturday February 11th Noon-2pm - Cumming Nature Center as part of NordicFest

More events to come...

2022-06-11 Rochester Map Adventure

Rochester Map Adventure 2022 Course Notes.pdf

What is the Rochester Map Adventure? It is a navigation-based scavenger hunt in the city of Rochester to be completed on foot. The object is to visit, in any order, as many as possible of the spots (checkpoints) indicated by red circles on the map provided, and verify that you were there by answering a trivia question whose answer is found at the spot. The answers will be easy to determine once you're in the right spot; there are no intentionally trick questions, or questions that require specific local knowledge, or deciphering a riddle.

The Rochester Map Adventure has a different flavor this year. We are starting and ending at Heroes Brewing 543 Atlantic Ave. They have created a special DDH Cream Ale for ROC and will donate $1, from each pack sold, to the club. We, in turn, are giving the donations to a charter school in Buffalo that enjoys coming to our orienteering events. Register and pay online ahead of time for $5/person. Register the day of (June 11) for $10. If you don't pay when you register online, you will be charged $10 at the event. We love people who pay ahead of time online! Each person over 21 will receive a token for a glass of beer upon their return.

Unlike previous years, where there was a choice of 3 hours and 5 hours, this year the time limit will be 3 hours. Also, travel must be on foot -- no bikes or other vehicular transportation (cars, buses, roller skates, etc.) is permitted. (The only wheeled transport devices that are allowed are baby strollers!)

Unlike regular local events, the fee is per person, even people participating as a team. No charge for those 12 and under. When you register, let us know who your teammates will be (BUT please be aware that each person has to register -- you telling us who will be on your team does NOT register them!).

There is a mass start at 11am. You have 3 hours to find as many answers to questions at specific places on the map. Maps will be available at 10:30 to create a route choice. Upon finishing, enjoy some delicious varieties of beers. Non-alcoholic beverages and pizza are also available. Pizza must be purchased.



On Saturday, February 12 the Rochester Orienteering Club is offering two beginner clinics at 12PM and 2PM. Interested participants can register by going to the CNC NordicFest website


The club will also offer three courses for members and the general public. There is no fee from ROC, but CNC charges $5 for a trail pass.

Beginner - 2K, 8 controls, 35m climb

Intermediate - 4K, 11 controls, 50m climb

Advanced - 6K, 11 controls, 110m climb

The courses will be marked with regular orange and white control markers. They will not have any punches or Sportident boxes. Participants will record their own start and finish times. The event will also be listed as a Sol-O and can be accessed on the Usynligo phone app. Go to https://usynligo.no/allracesmap to learn more about this fun app.

The courses will remain in place until the end of March.

Registration for the courses can be accessed from the Rochester Orienteering Club website

https://roc.us.orienteering.org/ or maps will be available at CNC.

Rick & Linda


Save the date Saturday, November 6 starting at 6:30 PM at Mendon Ponds Park at Stewart Lodge and Saturday, November 13 at Powder Mills Park - Night-O events. Yes it will be dark.

You thought that orienteering in the daylight was fun and challenging, but now add in fact that there is no sunlight and maybe not much moon light either. The controls will have reflectors along with the flags and SI box. So, grab your headlamp (back-up flashlight is highly recommended), a watch, compass and proper footwear and come orienteering. The degree of mud on some of the trails will depend on the amount of rain we get between now and then.

There could be road crossing, use caution there will not be crossing guards.

More Details will follow. Check back for more details.

We will need volunteers for the events.


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On Saturday, July 24th the club will be hosting a 45 minute Score O at Highland Park along with a beginners' clinic.

The clinic will be from 9-9:45 and will consist of a short introduction to orienteering and a map hike to a couple of controls.


Rochester Map Adventure results.


Rochester Map Adventure is coming up soon! Saturday, June 5. Pre-registration is required. Click the link to the left, under Upcoming Events, to register.
See Event Flyer


Linda has made a UsynligO event at Durand Eastman, she writes: a fun event using only root stocks for control sites (no flags or streamers). Some are mapped as brown x's, some with a line showing the direction of the fallen tree. No time limit but do pack some snacks if you plan to find them all. You should also bring something to mark off on your map which ones you've found. Start at the N end of Log Cabin Road. Let me know on facebook if you find any that aren't on the map. Download the map from UsynligO or here.  Have fun!


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There are currently beginner ski and snowshoe courses (with regular

flags) at Cumming Nature Center. Maps are available at the front desk

at CNC or through UsynligO. These courses will be available all winter.

Intermediate and advanced courses will be available for a few weeks

around NordicFest in mid-to-late February.

Last year's ski-o courses at Harriet Hollister are available in UsynligO

only (no flags or markers in the woods) for training purposes.

About UsynligO: UsynligO is a cell phone app that lets you orienteer

without flags - it plays a sound when you arrive at a control location

and can also provide hints for finding the right location. You do need

cell service (or wifi) to download a course so it is a good idea to do

this at home before traveling to the venue, but only the GPS is needed

to run a course. Bristol Orienteering Klub has a helpful guide for how

to get and use UsynligO:


To browse courses or print maps from your computer, go to



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Fall orienteering

First, the Rochester Map Adventure has been extended to October 15th. You still have a chance to do some urban orienteering and learn more about our fair city. 

September 19 -- September 28: Letchworth East - Solo Series

September 26 -- October 11: Genesee County Park - Solo Series 

September 27 -- October 18:  Alasa Farms - Solo Series

Post your results to Attackpoint.

Questions? You can reach us at contact@roc.us.orienteering.org.


Greetings orienteers!

Fall brings us the perfect orienteering weather with the beauty of the changing season. ROC has lots of great orienteering opportunities for you.

First, the Rochester Map Adventure has been extended to October 15th. You still have a chance to do some urban orienteering and learn more about our fair city. 

Now through September 13th: The Durand Eastman Park - Solo Series course is open. Choose one of three courses or do them all. Print your map and head out now.

September 19 -- September 28: Letchworth East - Solo Series

September 26: Free Beginner Clinic (two sessions) at Genesee County Park, 10am and 11am. 

September 26 -- October 11th. Genesee County Park - Solo Series courses (Intermediate and Advanced). Maps will be available closer to the event date.

And stay tuned for more information about an upcoming event at Alasa Farms. Updates to come.

Questions? You can reach us at contact@roc.us.orienteering.org.


Remember the “ROC olden days” when you would complete your O course and come back to a table full of Mary Kolva's goodies? She lovingly baked all week for us. Before moving out of the area Mary made one handwritten book of all her recipes. The question was how to best share those recipes with the rest of the club? 

Mary’s daughter Judy recently answered the question by making a professional copy of Mary’s original book as a gift to her mom. This book is available to our club members by following this [link]. We hope you enjoy having the chance to bake these recipes in your own kitchen!