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Powder Mills Park - Annual Meeting and Event (members only)

Wadhams Lodge, Sunday December 2nd

2 - 3 pm: Board Meeting

3 - 4:30 pm: O-Events**

4:30 - 6: Potluck and Annual Meeting

Club will provide drinks. Bring your own plates and silverware to minimize waste and clean-up.  Bring a dish based on your last name (listed below).

A-H - Main dishes ( Please include serving utensils and take home serving dish)

I-P  - Appetizers and salads

Q-Z - Desserts

**There will be 3 Orienteering activities as part of the afternoon.  

Grid-O - A grid of flags will be placed in a small area.  Maps of patterns will be provided and participant must try to read the pattern as quickly as they can and punch the correct locations.  Fun for all ages and speeds!

Finnegan Fhoto-O - Finnegan (my dog) posed for some fun photos.  You will be provided a photo of the control, the clue and the direction the photographer was facing and you have to find the location on the map!  An activity to be done inside if you don't want to venture out or during dinner.

Score/Line-O combo - With a mass start you will be able to chose your difficulty/length.  Everyone must visit some controls (along the line) but then you may visit extra controls located in boxes along the line course.  White course runners will not get any controls from the extra boxes, whereas faster and more advanced runners will get all the controls in the boxes.  You can fall somewhere in between, getting half or just 1 extra control from each box.  The shortest, easiest course will be ~2 km and the most difficult will be ~ 5 km. 

Tons of fun for everyone!  

Lindsay Worner, Course Setter

Ellison Park Night-O Saturday 6pm Start    

90 minute Score-O with a twist

Saturday Nov. 10, 2018

Location: Hazelwood Grove Lodge

Time: Mass start - 6:00 pm

Course closing: 7:30 pm

There will be 30 controls find as many as you can in 90 minutes. All the controls will be on the North side of Blossom Rd.  No need to cross the road.  The climb will be minimal.   There will be a penalty for each minute and fraction of a minute you are late returning.  Point value is 1,2,3,4,5.  There will be a twist that will be revealed at the start!

Be prepared to get your feet wet. Bring dry shoes and socks to go home in. The park is VERY wet.

The creek is mapped as 'uncrossable' - Only cross at bridges

We need some more Volunteers - please Sign-up here

Meet Director - Nancy Burgey

Mendon Trail Run Saturday Nov 3, 8am 

50k, 30k, 20k and 10k options starting at Stewart Lodge

Online registration is closed but registration is still available in person at bib pickup Friday Nov 2 at Medved 5pm-8pm or at the event.

50k starts at 8am, other distances start at 9:30am 

come on out and run or cheer or volunteer!

See the trail run page for more details

Lost and Found!

We have a ladies jacket left behind at Alasa Farms. 

Congrats to ROC members competing at the NAOC (North American Orienteering Championships) and COC (Candian Orienteering Championships) at Whitehorse Canada in the Yukon!

results available at NAOC 2018 results

Beginner Clinic Success (register for a meet)

A word of welcome to all the new orienteers who attended our beginner’s clinic. If this is your first time on our website and you’d like to register for our meet at Mendon Ponds on Sunday please click on the gray box to the left. That will take you to our online registration. But first, if you’ll take a moment to log in and create a profile, the site will remember your information from meet to meet.  You can, but are not required to pay when you register. We take only cash and checks at our meets.

Not sure if you’re attending? Go ahead and register anyway. There’s no penalty for not showing up. And if you’re confused by any of the questions (what’s an SI Card?) just leave them blank for now. You will have to choose a course, but you won’t be locked in to that choice. There will be volunteers on hand to answer questions and help you get started when you arrive.

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