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See you in the woods!

Finnegan Fhoto-O


Using the clue sheet provided mark the locations of each control on the blank map.  On the clue sheet the degrees are listed for the direction the photographer was facing when the photo was taken.  Use the photo and clue sheet together to find a unique location on the map.  The photos are numbered 31-41 to match up with the clues.  Good Luck!

Note:  Use other features in the photo to find clues.  The snow makes some features a little harder to see, try zooming in.

Finnegan Fhoto-O Clue Sheet 1.pdf

Powder Mills BLank Map.pdf

When you are finished guessing for all controls check your answers.  Don't check too early or you will see other controls marked.

Finnegan Fhoto-O ANSWER KEY.pdf

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