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2020 Photo-O  Where am I Standing???

During Christmas week my family went to Durand for a run... I went for a walk.  Yes, I did say walk since I had been ice skating earlier in the week and took a rather uncomfortable fall on my butt.  But that is neither here nor there...so I decided to take some photos but realized that I didn't have a flag with me.  That's why in this photo-O you are going to try to figure out where I was standing to take the picture by looking at the photos and using the info in the photo to locate that spot on the map.  The pictures are in random order, however, they are numbered.  Hover the cursor over the picture to see the number.   The degree reading is the direction the camera was facing.  Bear in mind that I was walking on trails and open areas unless otherwise noted.  The background will provide useful info but you may have to look really, really close.  All pictures were taken between 11:30 and 12:30 EST and the sun was out for most of them.  There were some areas with snow.

You should print out the map titled "Linda's Photo-O".  Note that the scale is 1:5000.  When you think you have the correct spot where I was standing, put a dot on the map.  When you are finished you'll be able to check the solution starting January 8th.  For extra credit you can send me (wornerkohn@gmail.com)  the numbers in the order that you think I went.  You can also email me questions.

You can find a copy of the map here. 

 The answers will be shown as control circles on the map...you need to be in the circle!  Have fun!


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