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  • 15 Sep 2018
  • Genesee County Park- Nature Center


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Genesee County Park - Nature Center

South of Batavia, NY

The Rochester Orienteering Club and Genesee County Park will be offering a free public clinic from 9-10AM (Register Beginner Training and signup for White Course for the event) on Saturday, September 15th at the Genesee County Park Nature Center.

Event Starts: 10AM to Noon

Courses close 1:30PM

Course notes for Genesee County Park Orienteering:

The event at Genesee County Park will offer 5 courses: White 2.1k, Yellow 2.8k, Brown 3.7k, Green 4.7k, Red 6.0k.  The intense trail network, open forest, rough open and areas of deadfall create route choice and technical challenges.  Water features are as shown on the map but generally not filled to capacity.  Bodies of water/swamp that are outlined with a solid black line are uncrossable, crossing is not allowed.  The rough open is very thick, knee to shoulder high vegetation that is not very conducive to creating shortcuts.  Trails are distinct, varying from 6' wide mowed paths to single file tracks.  There are a few very faint animal tracks that are not mapped.  The deadfall areas are mapped with green stripe and are passable but will slow you down.  The courses are set to give runners a mix of trail and forest running and to visit the nicer parts of the park.

Be aware that there is a permanent course set in the park that uses regular control flags.  These do not have the electronic punch boxes and are hung on metal fence posts, don't let them confuse you.

All courses go to the same 1st control except for yellow.  There are lots of controls out there, some close together.  Make sure to check the code.

There is some poison ivy, lower leg cover is recommended.  

Road crossings are few but do make sure to look before you sprint across the road.

Enjoy your orienteering experience!

Linda Kohn, course setter

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