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Mendon Ponds Vampire-O

  • 26 Oct 2019
  • 6:00 PM - 6:30 PM
  • Stewart Lodge


Registration: 6:00 to 6:40 pm

Instruction: 6:15 pm

Vampire-O Mass Start: 6:50 pm

Courses Close: 8:00 pm

Vampire-O Details

60 minute Score - O

  • Mass start, get controls in any order
  • Punch at each control on the back of your map in the box corresponding to the number, no e-punching
  • Punch neatly, others will have to read it!
  • Must return within 60 minutes, penalty for being late (1 pt per minute)
  • Each control worth 1 pt
  • You must stay out for 50 mins, you cannot return to the shelter early (unless for emergency or safety concern)

Vampire Rules

  • The vampires will be randomly and secretly chosen at the mass start
  • Vampires will receive special red lights they will carry
  • Vampires will ‘tag’ you by shining their red light
  • If you are tagged you must exchange maps (and punches) with the Vampire
  • You will then try and get more punches (some controls you may have visited already)
  • No tag backs (aka you can’t tag the person or group who tagged you)
  • 3 giant step safety area around controls - no tagging while people are punching
  • NO CHASING - keep it safe, no running away when someone flashes that red light

Candy Controls

  • Of course there will be candy out there at some controls...don’t eat too much or the Vampire will catch you!

Holy Water

  • There are large jugs of ‘Holy Water’ placed out on the course, if you find one it will protect your from the Vampire (you cannot be tagged)
  • You may only carry the ‘Holy Water’ for 2 controls, then you must leave it at the control
  • You must carry the jug openly, no dumping or drinking the water

Ghost Control

  • There is a ‘floating’ control that will be moving around the course (a person dressed up carrying a control)
  • It will be available to punch 5 minutes after the start
  • Same rules apply as if it were a control (safety zone)
  • Punch the ‘Ghost’ box on your punch card


  • The porch off the back of the shelter is a safety zone, no tagging
  • Once you finish get a finish # (based on the order you finished) and head inside
  • Count your punches, write you score and your name legibly on the back of your map
  • Post your results on the wall based on the number of points (if tied use finish number to determine position)


  • Prizes will be awarded for random achievements and predictable ones
  • Meet Director and Course Setter have total decision making power over the prizes
  • Doughnuts and Cider will be available for all
  • All comments or complaints can be sent to the ghost...
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