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Webster Park - Solo Series

  • 18 Apr 2020
  • 03 May 2020
  • Near Kanatota Lodge

Sol-O series at Webster Park - Courses available from 4/18/20 until 5/3/20 Extended.

Print out one of the COURSE MAPS and complete anytime the flags are up.

Share your results on Attackpoint

Parking is at the small dirt lot on the south side of Lake Rd, across the street from Kanatota Lodge (GPS coordinates 43.258261, -77.458781).

Start/Finish is at the north end of the trail, at the permanent course marker. Look for the 4x4 post just west of the trailhead.

Webster Park has a lot of dense vegetation and a well developed trail network. This makes it harder to truly get off the trails and into the woods, so courses for this event are a combination of trail runs and forest sprint sections. There's plenty of route choice for the trail runs, so don't get lost in the maze of twisty trails. The term "forest sprint" just means that there are tightly packed controls in the small areas of open woods. To get your fastest time you'll need to read ahead and keep moving.

Leaves are not out yet, so expect good visibility everywhere and easier running in areas of undergrowth and light green vegetation. Dark green areas of the map include rose multiflora and are best avoided no matter the time of year. The park is somewhat muddy at the time of writing and the advanced courses may cross wet areas, including streams. Dry route options exist but may be significantly longer. It is recommended to avoid going directly across the large swamps. The Long Advanced course uses the small section of woods on the east side of Holt Rd. Use appropriate caution when crossing Holt Rd.

Ticks are active and abundant in Webster Park. Spray your clothes before and check yourself after visiting the park.

Select your map:

Course Controls Length Climb

Intermediate 9 3.1 km 75 m

Short Advanced 14 4.1 km 85 m

Long Advanced 20 6.8 km 160 m

Post your times on attackpoint.org, or if you're still not on attackpoint just email your times to the course setter doughall at rochester dot rr dot com and we will eventually compile results and post on the club website.

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