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Durand Eastman Park - Solo Series

  • 27 Mar 2020
  • 12 Apr 2020

Solo Series 

Durand Eastman Practice - flags/markers up until 04-12

Print out the course map and complete anytime the flags/markers are up.

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Linda and I have created another opportunity for some pre-season training at Durand West.  This is an area that doesn't get much use because of the golf course and the thick vegetation. This is the best time of year to orienteer there. The start/finish is across King's highway from the golf course parking lot. Although the course may seem short we picked some smaller features and put in some nice climbs to give you a full work out. You can do the entire course or cut off earlier if you wish. You shouldn't wait too long to get over there as the buds are on the bushes. Some of the small trails can be hard to follow and the deer have made their own set of trails (check for prints), but the contours are always correct. The map is 1:7500 and the controls are marked only with the 4"x4" permanent course markers. Elbow bump the markers and keep going. Send us a note to tell us about your experience.

Enjoy some time in the woods.


Similar events to follow into the beginning of our spring schedule.

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