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Mendon Ponds Park - Solo Series

  • 02 May 2020
  • 17 May 2020
  • West Lodge

Sol-O series at Mendon Ponds Park - Courses available from 5/2/20 until 5/17/20.

Print out one of the [COURSE MAPS] and complete anytime the flags are up.

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Parking is at West Lodge

For the intermediate, Short and Long Advanced courses, the starting point is anywhere in the parking lot for “West Lodge” on Canfield Road, and finish is the same spot as you started.

For the ‘Score-O’ course, (further discussion below), the orienteer may start at any point they wish, as long as they finish at the same spot.

Please be cognizant that given the COVID-19 situation, Mendon Ponds Park has been quite crowded on nice days. You may want to select your start time to avoid crowds. At the very least, prepare to detour through the woods when you approach hikers.

The amount of mud you encounter will depend on your route choices and whether it has been raining recently. Do expect some mud if using straight routes. As always with orienteering in New York State, ticks are active and abundant. Spray your clothes before and check yourself after visiting the park.

Please note that any controls nearer to open areas or paths may be ‘hidden’ from the general public by being placed slightly off of the feature – they should however, be within 10m or so.

Course Descriptions:

Intermediate 9 controls 3.1 km

Short Advanced 14 controls 5.0 km

Long Advanced 17 controls 7.0 km

There is a twist on this course – two controls are used twice. The orienteer may select to do the loop after visiting the control for the first time in either the forward or reverse direction. That is:

3 – [4 – 5 – 6 – 7] – 8 (forward direction) or 3 – [7 – 6 – 5 – 4] - 8 (reverse direction)


12-[13-14-15]-16 or 12 – [15 – 14 – 13] - 16

Score-O 18 controls

This course uses all the controls available.

The orienteer can start from anywhere in the park, with the caveat that they must finish at the same spot.

Score-O First twist:

You may select to gather as many as possible within a 60 minute time limit, or try a no time limit, ‘find them all’

Score-O Second twist:

The orienteer is encouraged to look at and plan the route in advance at home.

Special ‘award 1’ (bragging rights) goes to the orienteer with the shortest route.

Special ‘award 2’ goes to the orienteer who best describes their route strategy, on attackpoint Using computer algorithms is not against the rules (I hear there is a course at RIT …)

Post your times on attackpoint.org.

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