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Oatka Creek Park - Solo Series

  • 31 May 2020
  • 15 Jun 2020
  • Oatka Creek Park, Scottsville, NY

Oatka Creek Park Sol-O

May 31st to June 15th

Oatka Creek Park is located in Scottsville about 20 mins southeast of Rochester. This relatively flat (2.5 m contours) park is made up of a network of trails through open and green areas. There are numerous stone fences and many trails however, there are also many deer trails that are unmapped. The vegetation is not yet over grown so moving through the open fields is still a route option, but the green is still impassable. The real highlight of this park are the 2 areas dotted with large and sometimes very deep pits. Most pits are mapped but when there are numerous pits so close together it can sometimes be hard to display them on the map. A special black pit is used to designate a pit with rock walls instead of just dirt. The map has been somewhat updated for this event. Note that poison ivy is out although at this time it is not very high...leg cover is recommended.  Start and finish are both located in the parking lot by the road. The park does get a lot of use especially on weekends. 

Downloading the map serves as agreement to a waiver in which you fully accept all risks and responsibilities for losses, costs and damages you incur as a result of your participation in this event, and that you release the Rochester Orienteering Club, New York State and OUSA from any liability. A copy of the waiver is posted here.

There are 3 courses offered (click to download a PDF of the map):

Long Advanced – 6.1 km

Short Advanced – 4.5 km

Intermediate – 4.3 km

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