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Oak Openings - Solo Series

  • 18 Jul 2020
  • 09 Aug 2020
  • Rush, NY - Oak Openings Unique Area

Oak Openings - Solo Series

Courses available from 07/18/20 until 8/09/20.

Downloading the map serves as agreement to a waiver in which you fully accept all risks and responsibilities for losses, costs and damages you incur as a result of your participation in this event, and that you release the Rochester Orienteering Club, New York State and OUSA from any liability. A copy of the waiver is posted here.

Print out one of the [COURSE MAPS] and complete anytime the flags are up.

3 Courses:
Intermediate 3.9k | Short Advanced 4.0k | Long Advanced 6.0k


Your first navigation challenge is to get to the start area - parking lot is off of Rt 15 and is completely unsigned. Once you have parked, the start/finish for all courses is at the gate just past the east end of the parking lot. The area is not highly used, so on the one hand, social distancing should be easy, but on the other hand, some paths are quite overgrown (though still followable if you can tell where to look). Some of the rough open is quite rough - I have tried to keep you out of the worst of it, but long pants are still a must on all courses. We are not using the adjacent Rotary Sunshine land in the southeast corner of the map that we have used in the past, note the property boundary on all maps (you should not have any incentive to go that way in any case). Also, you may hear gunshots, especially if you are out on a weekend - there is a gun club off the southwest corner of the map, which will be well away from your path, even though it may sound close.

Course setter - Zack Butler

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