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Alasa Farms - Solo Series

  • 27 Sep 2020
  • 18 Oct 2020
  • 6450 Shaker Rd, Alton, NY 14413

Alasa Farms - Solo Series

Courses available from 09/27/20 until 10/18/20.

Downloading the map serves as agreement to a waiver in which you fully accept all risks and responsibilities for losses, costs and damages you incur as a result of your participation in this event, and that you release the Rochester Orienteering Club, New York State and OUSA from any liability. A copy of the waiver is posted here.

Print out one of the [COURSE MAPS] and complete anytime the flags are up.

Park at the visitor parking by the horse barn.

Course setter: Doug Hall, Dick Detwiler

Course Notes:

Three maps are available at Alasa Farms, including a Beginner course. If our usual Solo format is intimidating, this is for you. Come on out for a fun hike and give it a try.

Beginner: 1.8km, 40m climb

Short Advanced: 3.0km, 100m climb

Long Advanced: 5.0km, 240m climb (2 part map)

Park at the visitor parking by the horse barn. The start/finish is the same for all courses - the intersection of the dirt roads. To get there, walk along the dirt road between the pastures to the first intersection. It's just before the corner of the electric fence, where the other dirt road comes in from Shaker Rd. The start/finish is not marked. All controls are marked with orienteering flags and numbers.

The woods are dryer than in the past. Small marshes are dry and firm, some streams are dry. Vegetation is also a little thinner than in the past, meaning the dark green may be passable or look more like medium green. Both advanced courses have steep climbs - look around for easier ascents and descents. Be advised that bow hunting is permitted in the adjacent state land beginning 10/1 (labeled DEC area on the map). There is no hunting allowed on the Alasa side and all courses stay on the Alasa side.

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