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Mendon Ponds Park - Solo Series

  • 01 May 2021
  • 16 May 2021
  • Mendon - Devil's Bathtub

Mendon Ponds Park - Solo Series

Courses available from 05/01/21 until 05/16/21.

Downloading the map serves as agreement to a waiver in which you fully accept all risks and responsibilities for losses, costs and damages you incur as a result of your participation in this event, and that you release the Rochester Orienteering Club, New York State and OUSA from any liability. A copy of the waiver is posted here.

Print out one of the [COURSE MAPS] and complete anytime the flags are up.

2 Courses:
Short Advanced 4.1k | Long Advanced 5.8k

Course setters: Zack Butler

Course Notes:
Around Deep Pond (start/finish near Devil's Bathtub)
Spring is here and it's time for some orienteering! Don't be too afraid of the vegetation, most of what's out there is not as bad as the map makes it look - virtually all of it is slow-runnable with reasonable route choices, though long pants are highly recommended. Do be prepared to get your feet a bit wet in places though! Two courses, both listed as advanced but perhaps not as difficult as some given the nature of this part of the park. The longer one also has a good bit more elevation gain for a good workout.

All controls are marked with numbered flags. Start (northern point of field) and finish (path junction) are as shown on the map but unmarked.

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