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Rochester Map Adventure

  • 05 Jun 2021
  • 10:00 AM
  • Rochester, NY


A navigation-based scavenger hunt in the city of Rochester to be completed on foot only. The object is to visit, in any order, as many as possible of the spots (checkpoints) indicated by red circles on the map provided, and verify that you were there by answering a question whose answer is found at the spot.

Date:  June 5 

Event Details webpage and Flyer

Course Notes

Entry fees per person:

(until June 3 - no day of event registration)

  • Adult $6 member, $10 non-member
  • Submit one entry per adult participant. Children under 18 are no charge. People can participate individually or as teams. If several people are entering as a team, each person should enter the team name in the appropriate field, so the organizers know who is teamed up with whom.
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