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Irondequoit Bay Park West


Event Director - Tom McNelly

Course setter notes:

We have a ten-year anniversary event lined up for this Sunday. We seem to get back to this nice little park every five years, and had a great event ten years ago and so pulled that out of the archives!

The advanced course consists of three independent loops. They can be done in any order, and participants have a few minutes to get a drink in between. Complete any one, two, or all three - but arrive early enough to start your last course before 2pm. We also have regular White, Yellow, and Orange courses.

It should be noted that all of the courses have a good deal of climb - it's just that kind of a park.

White - 1.1km, 11 controls, 60m climb
Yellow - 2.0 km, 14 controls, 125m climb
Orange - 2.7 km, 15 controls, 170m climb
L1 - 2.7 km, 12 controls, 165m climb
L2 - 2.5 km, 10 controls, 145m climb
L3 - 2.0 km, 8 controls, 100m climb

The map terrain remains stable, but there have been some changes in trails. Several trails have been added (dual use bike park), and at least one trail has gone away in part, but these should not be significant in the grand scheme of things.

The creek has water and the wetlands are certainly active. It's not overly wet or dry, and the open areas are very open.

Online registration individual starts from 12-1:00, no snacks or beverages. There are portable facilities in the parking lot near Irondequoit Bay Fish & Game.

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