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Alasa Farms


Starts from 12-1:00. PRE-REGISTRATION on the website before SATURDAY 7PM.

Alasa Farms - 6420 Shaker Rd, North Rose, NY 14516

The following courses will be available at the Alasa Farm event on 9/12:

Course Controls Length Climb

Beginner 8 1.3 km 25 m
Intermediate 9 2.2 km 70 m
Adv. Short 9 2.7 km 75 m
Int + Short
Adv. Long 14 5.5 km 170 m

Course notes:

Alasa has great forest and landforms that make for very challenging and very fun orienteering. Warm dry weather has dried up some of the small/indistinct marshes, but helped vegetation growth in some places. Since Alasa provides an abundance of challenge for orienteering, the courses for this event are intended to be slightly shorter and easier than recent past years at this location.

This year, there was some logging in the forest which selectively harvested trees throughout the Alasa Farm property. Tree tops were left behind and present a new challenge on intermediate and advanced courses by impeding both running and visibility. Some footpaths are now more distinct due to the machines used to drag logs out of the woods. But pay close attention if you are using footpaths - Alasa is notoriously challenging, something that makes orienteering here super fun! Minor map updates include most of the important changes to footpaths.

The adjacent DEC property was unaffected by the logging, but New York State has just implemented a brand new hunting season for antlerless deer. Therefore, we are limiting use of the DEC land for our orienteering courses. Only the Advanced Long course will make use of the (excellent) DEC area, in order to minimize potential contact with hunters. Further, there are now only 3 controls on DEC property. DEC will post notices at access points informing potential hunters of our presence on the property and DEC has strongly recommended that orienteers wear high-visibility clothing. However, ROC is offering that anyone concerned with the situation may opt to run the intermediate + short advanced course as an alternative to running the long advanced course.

The old adage says, "If life gives you lemons, go orienteering". We were given a couple of lemons, adapted, and can now provide a guarantee of some great orienteering. So come on out and have some fun at Alasa Farms on September 12!

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