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Genesee County Park

  • 25 Sep 2021
  • 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
  • Nature Center


PRE-REGISTRATION on the website is REQUIRED for the clinic and all other courses.

The beginner clinic will be from 9-9:45 and will consist of a short introduction to orienteering and a short map hike. Groups will be limited to 10 people. Any club member who would like to lead a group please let us know. All registration will be required on the website prior to the event. Participants in the clinic will be able to go out on a course after the clinic.

Short (easy) Course - 1.8km, mostly flat with a small amount of gradual climb.

Long (advanced) Course - 6.6km, 21 controls with a map flip part way through. Lots of trail options along with open forest and only a bit of less runnable forest.

Score-O (intermediate) Course - 21 controls, each control has a point value, participants have 60 minutes to get as many points as possible. Controls can be visited in any order.

Map Information:

Water levels are very low, larger creeks have some water. Many of the swampy areas are visible only by the increased vegetation.

The light yellow representing rough open areas is generally very difficult to go through. White with green stripe areas vary but are passable.

Some rootstocks are quite old and have a skeletal look to them...sizes vary from 1 meter to 3 meters.

There is some poison ivy, lower leg cover is recommended if you are allergic. Mosquitoes are noticeable if you linger near the swampy areas, occasional brambles and sticky things abound in the high grass.

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