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Durand Eastman Park


Durand Eastman Park, Sunday October 17, check-in begins at 11:30, start any time between noon and 1pm.

Pre-registration is required.

All courses start at the south end of Log Cabin Road. Courses offered are: Beginner (2.0km, 60m climb), Intermediate (3.0km, 100m climb), and Long Advanced (5.0km, 150m climb).

Beginner instruction is available, ask at the registration table.

Courses close at 3pm.

Using the east side of Durand makes it hard to avoid hills so we might as well embrace it!!! Route choice will help you find more gradual climbs and avoid some of the steepest hills but either way your legs will get a good workout. Do not despair...everyone else is in the same boat.

The start/finish may look a little confusing so take a few seconds to make sure you are heading to number 1. After playing with several configurations to keep it less complicated I settled on the final result, hope that you agree with my decision.

Do make sure to wear shoes with good traction since it is supposed to rain between Friday and Sunday.

The woods are very open with a minimum of deadfall and green areas. There are lots of trails to help you along but also a few unmapped deer trails so use caution at intersections to get on the one you really want. If you are out early you may spot some of the numerous deer that make their home in the park.

Hope you enjoy the courses!


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