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Powder Mills Park - Night-O

  • 13 Nov 2021
  • 6:30 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Horn Lodge


Night-O Saturday, November 13 starting at 6:30 PM at Powder Mills Park at Horn Lodge. Yes, it will be dark. Registration will open at 6 PM. Be ready to start at 6:30 PM, for a punched mass start. The maps will be handed out at 6:25.

Come out and enjoy the course. If you had fun last week or if you were not happy with your results try again this week.

Pre Registration and pay is REQUIRED to assure you have a map.

You thought that orienteering in the daylight was fun and challenging, but now add in fact that there is no sunlight and maybe not much moon light either. The controls will have reflectors along with the flags and SI box. So, grab your headlamp (back-up light is highly recommended), a watch, compass and proper footwear and come orienteering.

Course setter notes… Powder Mill Night-O  -   31 controls / 75 minutes

There will be road crossings!!!  Use caution when crossing; vehicles will not stop for you.  Remember the Black Lines along the stream we are declaring that the stream is UNCROSSABLE. 

Some of the trails and roadways will be very wet. Swamps will be swampy.  In the meadows the grass will be wet.

·       Wear proper footwear.

·       Have an extra light source. 

·       Have a cell phone to call meet director if needed.

If you see small reflectors moving. IT IS NOT a moving control, it will be a deer, maybe more than one.  Or it could be another orienteer.

Try not to shine your light in other faces.  It ruins their night vision.

Rule #1 Watch your footing at all times. The woods have downed trees and other things so watch your footing.  Especially when reading map and running at the same time! Not recommended.

You will be looking for a control flag, a reflector and SI box.  Check the numbers.

You will have 75 minutes from the time you punch start to find as many as you can.  There are varying point values for the controls.     There is also a 10-point penalty for each minute you are late.   Be sure to punch Finish and Download. Return SI Stick.

Maps will be handed out at 6:25. You will have 1 minute to plan.   There will be 2 start controls: walk / run and PUNCH START.  Your time starts then. Have fun.  

What was Rule #1….   Watch your footing at all times.

Remember to punch Finish and Download. 

Hope to see you there. 

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