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Mendon Ponds Park - Night-O

  • 06 Nov 2021
  • 6:30 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Stewart Lodge


Mendon Night-O Saturday, November 6 starting at 6:30 PM at Mendon Ponds Park at Stewart Lodge. Yes, it will be dark. Registration will open at 6 PM. Be ready to start at 6:30 PM, for a punched mass start. The maps will be handed out at 6:25.

Pre Registration and pay is REQUIRED to assure you have a map.

You thought that orienteering in the daylight was fun and challenging, but now add in fact that there is no sunlight and maybe not much moon light either. The controls will have reflectors along with the flags and SI box. So, grab your headlamp (back-up light is highly recommended), a watch, compass and proper footwear and come orienteering.

The format will be a Score-O; you can visit the controls in any order you want. There are 31 controls of varying point value on the course. You will have 75 minutes to get as many controls as you can. If you are late finishing you will lose 10 points for each minute you are late. You will be crossing the roads – vehicles will not stop for you. Cross roads with care.

There will also be a Beginner/Novice level Score-O map that does not require crossing any major roads. There are 12 Controls of varying Point value to be found in any order, the penalty points will be the same 10 points for each minute late.

A headlamp with good batteries is required and a back-up light source is highly recommended. Bring a cell phone to call the meet director's phone if needed. A watch, so you will not be late, remember the penalties. A Compass, the club has some available to borrow. The degree of mud on some of the trails will depend on the amount of rain we get between now and then. Proper Footwear and clothing recommended. Water will be provided outside the lodge. Bring anything else you wish to consume and eat it outside.

Night-O guidelines: WATCH YOUR FOOTING at all times. DO NOT shine your light in someone else’s eyes. TEAMS must stay together. Don’t be late. If you would like to spend a bit of time in the lodge after the event to share your experience with others, it is highly recommended to wear a mask at all times (even if you are vaccinated) while in the lodge. Be sure to punch the Finish and Download.

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