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Harriet Hollister Ski-O

  • 22 Jan 2022
  • 06 Mar 2022
  • 6775 Canadice Hill Road Springwater, NY 14560
This ski-o is sol-o format, meaning that the courses will be up until
the end of ski season and you can print a map and do them at any time.
Controls are marked with 3x3" orange-and-white tags and orange streamers
instead of the usual flags.  You can also use UsynligO

Courses, with straight-line lengths --

  - beginner - 2.3km, 9 controls, uses only easiest trails
  - beginner plus - 3.5km, 12 controls, uses only easiest trails
  - intermediate - 5.1km, 12 controls, uses easiest and more difficult
  - advanced - 7.6km, 20 controls, uses all trails including some that
may be ungroomed
  - score-o - 28 controls - get as many as you want in any order, point
value is based on the difficulty of the trail

Start and finish are at the shelter - ski ~1km down the park road from
the parking lot to get to the shelter.  Note that if you use UsynligO
and ski near the shelter during the course, the finish might trigger
prematurely.  If that happens, there's an option in the app to continue
the course.

Maps are available through the UsynligO website (https://usynligo.no) -
go directly to the ROC ski-o events at
https://usynligo.no/filter?category=ROC%20ski-o, or go to "All events"
and use the map.  In both cases, look for the "Harriet Hollister ski-o
2022" event.  Note that the advanced course map is two pages.

RXCSF supporters can access grooming conditions at
https://rxcsf.org/conditions.  If you aren't a supporter, you can get a
free trial to access groomer reports for 14 days, but please consider
making a donation so that grooming at local parks can continue.

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