Rochester Orienteering Club

See you in the woods!

Seneca Park


Seneca Park - Hawk Shelter

July 27 2022, 6:00pm

Course Details

Beginner, Intermediate and Long courses with beginner instruction.

Registration: 5:30-6:15
Starts: 5:45- 6:30
Courses close at 7:45.

The summer O season continues with a meet at one of Rochester's most unique parks. The public part of the park is sandwiched between the Genesee River and the old railroad bed and abuts the Zoo creating a long narrow map. The many trails are used by runners, walkers and bikers...on Wednesday Orienteers will join in.

There will be 3 courses: Short Beginner (1.3k); Intermediate (2.7k) and Long Advanced (5.2k). Pre-registration is strongly advised....and cheaper!

Registration and Start will be at Hawk Shelter at the south end of the pond. Register any time between 5:45 & 6:15. Start between 6:00 & 6:30. Courses close at 7:45 so come early.

The format will be similar to a middle distance race but with a mix of very long and very short legs. Lots of excitement with a good tour of the park.

Lower leg cover is recommended for all participants, especially for the runners on the long course.

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