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Ellison Park


Ellison Park - Roadside shelter

August 28 2022, Noon start

Fun Mass-Start Mass-Finish Handicapped Event

Mass Start at 12:20pm, Registration online or immediately preceding the start. Course closes at 2pm.

This event consists of several overlapping courses - everyone will see everyone else as they progress through the course.

It will be a mass start - but you better know what course the other person is working on or you'll head off your own course!

The courses are handicapped such that the winning time for each course should be roughly equivalent (aimed at 45-50m). Pick the course you would normally qualify for.

White: 2.7km, 15m (relatively flat and straight forward)

Intermediate: 3.2km, 20m (don't be distracted by those on the white!)

Brown: 3.3km, 70m (yes, there are a couple hills that need proper navigation)

Green: 3.9km, 185m (challenges in every corner of the park)

Red: 4.6km, 180m (challenges galore and extra distance just because...)

The park is generally runnable and dry outside of the creek. The courses have been designed not to encourage one to cross the main creek, please don't. There is plenty of poison ivy - bonus points for finding the poison ivy tree! The Western part of the park is an active disc golf course, please stay aware of those out there for other reasons and be respectful.

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