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Winterfest Ski-O At Mendon

  • 29 Jan 2023
  • Hopkins Pt Lodge, Pond View Rd, Henrietta, NY 14467


Registration is closed

Winterfest at Mendon Ponds Park is a day when lots of winter activities are available for 'preview' at different locations in the park.  Although we are not offering a regular event we will be setting out a Score-O/Beginner ski-O (or foot-O, depending on the weather) for people to preview Orienteering.  We will be locate at Hopkins Point Shelter and from noon to 2.  Please pre-register if you plan on attending; there will be day-of registration.  This event is FREE for everyone


Beginner Course 1.8 km - 100 m climb - 11 controls

Score-O course - 17 controls you choose your own route, any order.

Most controls will be located within 6' of a trail; a couple of others will require some off trail walking. The trail conditions will depend on the weather between now and then.  It is a well used trail most of the time.

This is a find the control, check the number, then use the punch to punch the correct box on your map, no e-punch.  MAKE SURE YOU SIGN OUT WHEN FINISHED.

Please pre-register if you are planning on attending so we can print enough maps.

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