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Durand Eastman Mini-ROGAINE

  • 02 Apr 2023
  • 12:15 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Sunset Shelter, Durand Eastman Park, 1200 Kings Hwy N, Rochester, NY 14617


Durand Eastman - Mini-ROGAINE

The opening event of the orienteering season will take place at Durand Eastman Park on Sunday, April 2. It will be a Score O format with a three hour time limit. Maps of the east and west side of the park will be used. The start and finish will be at the  Sunset shelter north of the golf clubhouse near the intersection of King's Highway and Lakeshore Blvd. There will be a mass start at 1PM and the course closes at 4PM. Late finishers will lose one control for each minute they are overtime. 

The course will utilize some of the southern sections of the park that we do not normally use for our regular events and one of the controls will highlight the new Karl & Mary Kolva memorial bench.

We are uncertain at this point if the bathrooms and the golf course will be open. If the course is open competitors will need to avoid using routes crossing the fairways and tees. 

Registration will be open from 12-15-12:45.  Please pre register on the club website. Many of the points will be close to the start and finish for less experienced orienteers and people who don't want to use the entire three hours.

Rick & Linda

Welcome to the first ever mini ROGAINE at Durand! You are welcome to run as teams. No motorized assistance is allowed. We will have a single porta john on site for the event. Those are the basics...here are the details!

Keep in mind that with all of the rain/snow lately the trails are muddy with some rather wet spots. Also, steep hills tend to be slippery so wear shoes with good traction and expect wet feet.

The golf course is not open so the only restricted areas are the greens...please go around these.

The trails that are on the map are apparent but there are plenty of deer trails that are not mapped....they have lots of little hoof prints. Having said that, the deer have no qualms about using people's trails so don't get distracted.

This is a ROGAINE and for those of you who have never done one, you need to realize that the map may not be totally perfect...this is normal for a rogaine. There were some vegetation updates made but there are some areas that have gotten overgrown or become victim to fallen trees but haven't been updated...not to mention lots of new rootstocks that are not on the map. There are a couple of blocked trails that have been streamered by someone that will get you through but they aren't marked on the map. I tried to avoid the worst parts ;^)

There are lots of really nice woods that you will enjoy and many trails ...there are also lots of hills so bring your A game.

There will be a 5 minute pre-start where you will be able to look at your map and plan your strategy. Your time will start at one. Don't be late!

The time limit is 3 hours but you don't have to stay out for the whole time.

Penalty will be 25 points per minute.

There will be clue sheets on the map.

Note that there is part of Kings Highway that has pink Xs...you are not allowed to cross or run along that part of the road. Since it will be necessary to cross over to the other side use the north section of the highway by the golf clubhouse. Be alert since traffic tends to be rather fast.

Please avoid all areas marked as private property.


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