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Alasa Farms - Classic Event

  • 18 Jun 2023
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
  • 6450 Shaker Rd, Alton, NY 14516


Alasa Farms, Cracker Box Palace, near Sodus

Sunday, June 18th from Noon to 1:30

This unique piece of land is accessible via Cracker Box Palace, a farm for rescued animals. 

Course Setter Notes:

The weather forecast for this weekend is shaping up nicely. Alasa Farm's woods are absolutely gorgeous right now. And there are absolutely gorges in the woods, which will be visited on the advanced courses. The steepest slopes can always be avoided by adding some distance to your route, but it's not always fastest. Expect some short, steep climbs and descents. Subtle contours and parallel features will challenge those on advanced courses. All runners should be sure to double-check control codes. This week's rain has resulted in softer ground and areas of standing water. Expect to either get your feet wet or take some extra time avoiding wet spots. The Green, Red and Blue courses will cross Third Creek where you will definitely get your feet wet. Leafy vegetation has somewhat reduced the visibility through the woods. Trust your compass. Some logging activity a couple of years ago resulted in a number of discarded treetops lying on the ground in the woods. Most are not marked on the map, and it is recommended to go around these (not over or through). In general, the courses have been designed with an emphasis on navigation and not endurance, but if you prefer a longer course, there is a Blue course (it will be printed at 1:10000). All courses will start at the "campground", which is a level 700m walk from the barnyard. All courses finish back at the barnyard.

Course - # of Controls/Length/Climb

Beginner (White) -  9/1.4 km/35 m

Advanced Beginner (Yellow) - 7/2.4 km/60 m

Intermediate (Orange) - 9/2.9 km/70 m

Short Advanced (Brown) - 10/2.8 km/125 m

Advanced (Green) - 10/4.6 km/155 m

Long Advanced (Red) - 14/5.8 km/225 m

Extra Long Advanced (Blue) - 18/7.6 km/290 m

String-O amongst the animals!! Bring your kids (or prepare to unleash the kid inside you).  It will be e-punch so bring your sprinting shoes and we will see who earns the fastest string-O time!!

Also returning, snacks and drinks!  Pre-packaged snacks, fruit and jugs of water/Gatorade will be available.  

Don't forget to sign up to volunteer and pre-register.

See you in the woods!

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