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Ellison Park - Score-O

  • 26 Jul 2023
  • 6:30 PM
  • Ellison Park, Rochester, NY 14625


Ellison Park (Roadside Shelter), Score-O and Beginner course

Wednesday July 26th, Registration from 6 to 6:30

Beginner Starts between 6-6:30 and 6:30 Mass start for Score-O

Course Setter Notes - 

General notes: it's a little wet in low lying areas. The mosquitos are horrible. There are some very steep climbs possible. We saw a fair amount of poison ivy.

For courses:

White course with 10 controls, 2.1k and basically no climb.

60 minute score-o with 35 controls, 5 points per control (all the same weight)

There will be a bonus for punching controls in numerical order with the bonus dependent on how many are collected in order. You could get multiple sequence bonuses if you collect 4 or 5 in order and then another 3 or 4 in order. Huge bonus if you get all controls in order!

For reference, I laid out a possible "shortest distance" course using these controls and got about 5.2k and 155m climb.

But if you try to get them in control box sequence we're looking at 10.3k and 390m climb.

Maps will be available at 6:20.

Late penalty is 10 points for every partial minute and reduce the longest sequence length by 1 for every part of a minute before we calculate the bonus points.

String-O!!  Bring your kids (or prepare to unleash the kid inside you).  It will be e-punch so bring your sprinting shoes and we will see who earns the fastest string-O time!!

Pre-packaged snacks, fruit and jugs of water/Gatorade will be available.  

Don't forget to sign up to volunteer and pre-register.

See you in the woods!

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