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Harriet Hollister - Bike-O Event

  • 03 Sep 2023
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
  • 6775 Canadice Hill Rd, Springwater, NY 14560


Harriet Hollister Bike-O and Foot-O - Sunday Sept 3rd

Starts from Noon to 1:30.  Courses close at 3:00pm.

There will be both bike and foot options - read on for details! Note that the event will be postponed or canceled if the trails are too wet to ride responsibly - a notice confirming the status will be posted a day or two in advance.

UPDATE: Sunday's BIKE-O event is on!  The forecast looks great and the trails should be
good to go!

MTBO (Mountain Bike O) courses

beginner - 4.0km, 10 controls

intermediate - 7.5km, 14 controls

advanced - 12.6km, 13 controls

Course lengths are measured ski-o style, that is, shortest rideable distance (not straight line). You may ONLY travel on established roads and trails and through open areas (yellow or yellow with white dots) - you may NOT ride off-trail or cut through the woods between trails on foot, even if it is only a short distance. Use caution if riding on roads as there may be car traffic, and watch out for two-way traffic on trails. Downhill riders yield to uphill riders, and bikes yield to everyone, especially horses.

The beginner course sticks to the ski trails, though there is the potential to ride a short section of singletrack if desired. While this is off-road riding, it isn't particularly technical and you could probably get by with a gravel or hybrid bike if you don't have a mountain bike. The navigational difficulty is closer to yellow than white - most legs involve navigating through several junctions though route choice is fairly straightforward.

The intermediate course requires some singletrack riding, though this can be minimized depending on route choice. The advanced course makes more extensive use of singletrack. The singletrack is mostly ranked intermediate; it tends to be rooty but there aren't many technical features.

Foot courses

Format: Scatter-O - get any 10, any 17, or all 24 controls

In a Scatter-o, you decide which controls to visit and in what order; the goal is to find those controls as quickly as possible. You'll be placed in the appropriate category when you finish, so no need to decide in advance. However, there's no bonus for visiting extra controls - if you get 16, you'll be included in the 10-control category.

While all of the controls are on trails, you can short cut through the woods if you want EXCEPT in the purple-hatched out-of-bounds area indicated on the map. In that zone you may only use the established trails (shown with a corridor through the purple hatching). You must also STAY OFF private land - the park boundaries are indicated by a dashed purple line with purple hatching on the outside. Public roads (shown with brown infill) can be used.

Pre-packaged snacks, fruit and jugs of water/Gatorade will be available.  

Don't forget to sign up to volunteer and pre-register.

See you in the woods!

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